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How To Work As A Foreign Doctor In Brazil.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sandra Pierina Lopez, Nov 1, 2019.

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    In Brazil, the revalidation process for doctors graduated abroad takes place once a year.

    This validation process can last approximately 10 months to a year and includes a series of structured procedures:

    1.- Initial review of documents and payment of fees

    2.- Perform a written test

    3.- Take the practical exam

    4.- Final revision of the document

    5.- The final result

    The calls for the revalidation process are published on the website

    The national exam for the revalidation of medical diplomas issued at foreign universities is carried out with the objective of recognizing medical degrees obtained outside Brazil. It is carried out through the National Institute of Studies and Research (INEP), who works cordially with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and Foreign Relations of Brazil and the National Association of Heads of Federal Institutions of Higher Education (Andifes).

    The applicant must meet certain requirements:

    .- Be Brazilian or foreigner in a legal situation in Brazil.

    .- To possess the Cadastro of Pessoa Fisica (CPF), this is a tax identification code necessary to live in Brazil, it can be requested through the website of the Brazilian consulate.

    .- Be the holder of a diploma obtained in a foreign higher education institution, recognized by the Ministry of Education of your country. It must be legalized.

    .- The university degree must be translated into Portuguese by a Brazilian public translator.

    .- You must also obtain the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese Language for Foreigners (Celpe-Bras), granted by the Brazilian Ministry of Education to non-native foreigners in Brazil, it is an exam that assesses knowledge of the Portuguese language and its command This exam is done twice a year: you can get more information through the link

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