Increase your chances for a residency position in the 2014 Match term with a customized list!

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    One of the essential components to a successful match is to send your application to relevant residency programs. Almost all residency programs in the United States have screening criteria (minimum requirements) that they use to select applicants for interviews. Using various sources including direct residency program database inputs, email responses, and direct telephone communications, we provide you with one-of-a-kind customized IMG friendly residency lists.

    Based on your credentials, Match A Resident (MAR) will generate the list of residency programs that you need to apply to in the 2013-2014 Match season. By obtaining your MAR residency lists there is NO NEED FOR YOU TO MAKE PHONE CALLS OR SEND EMAILS TO RESIDENCY PROGRAMS seeking minimum requirements! We have already added all the minimum requirements for you. Do not spend your money on IMG friendly lists that are available on the web, instead, receive it free of charge with any paid customized subscription.


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