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Interesting Facts About Forensic Medicine

Discussion in 'Forensic Medicine' started by OlaElganzoury, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Forensic medicine is very old science, It is not recent.

    It starts with cops observations and developed to be huge science due to its important role in crime detection.
    Here we will talk about some interesting unusual facts about forensic medicine and how those facts can be used in solving crimes.​

    • One of unusual facts of forensic medicine that is totally different from what people learn from T. Vs and cinema are fingerprints proof.
      Fingerprints are not always the master key in solving crimes, because despite the fact that Fingerprints are very unique for everyone, it is very difficult to match.
    • Although DNA used widely in forensic medicine to reveal many crimes, studies showed that DNA tests are not always right, there are about 50 recorded false results of this test which resulted in conviction of innocents.
    • One of most important tools in forensic medicine is teeth and bones, they are very trustworthy, records proved that about 93% of identifications in crimes are discovered by teeth and bones, because of the fact that they are among the sturdiest parts of the body.
      For example, Samples of bones or teeth can be used in burning cases to discover the identity of someone.
      Another example for the importance of dental records in forensic medicine, is a murder case for a serial killer called Bundy, he was a very intelligent killer, cops fail to prove that he was the killer through 10 years of serial crimes, until they found a bite of him on victim’s buttocks, and by using dental analysis, he was finally found guilty.
    • Insects also have a great role in forensic medicine, as they can tell investigators the time of crime occurrence, and if the corpse was moved from the place of crime.
    • then we have another indicator, which is Cranial morphology, through analysis of victim’s cranial morphology, investigators can determine the gender, as the shape of male skull is different from female skull.
    • not only insects, but also Pollen grains are used in forensic medicine to tell investigators if someone suspected come from certain area where this type of pollen grows, so pollen can tell if he was in the crime scene.
    • Chemical gases also have their own essential role in forensic medicine, the bad offensive odor emitted from corpse is due to ammonia and sulfur gases which can be detected by certain chemical methods.
    • The effect of Gravity helps forensic investigators in their hard work, when someone dies, blood flows toward nearest point to the ground by the effect of gravity, as a result of that, this part of body swells and blood accumulates there, by certain measurements, time of death can be determined.
    • We always see investigators in films and episodes using hair in their investigations, but only hairs with attached roots can be used to detect gender.
    • Finally we have to admit, there is no perfect evidence, yes it is opposite to what T.Vs and cinema show, but actually, there are many sources of contamination in crime scenes which can hide or even destroy evidence. Such as weather conditions, burns, and many other factors, that makes it a kind of challenge to find an evidence that helps in solving a crime.

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