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Interesting Unusual Careers for Healthcare Professionals

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by OlaElganzoury, Sep 9, 2019.

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    Do you think about unusual medical work other than clinical practice??
    Here are some of different types of medical jobs other than the routine medical work that everyone knows.

    1. Clinical Ethicist, It is a kind of work that is responsible for deciding what to do and what not to do in clinical practice between healthcare professionals and patients, dealing with insurance companies, encouraging or opposing assisted suicide, and other issues related to that, the annual salary of this job has a wide range according to the working place (hospitals, companies, medical schools, etc..) its range varies from 40.000 to 150.000 $).

    2. Medical librarian, it is another different unusual job that doctors can do, in this job, doctors do not have to examine patients with stethoscope, or hold a syringe and other medical tools, but he can help healthcare professionals a lot by providing them with updated trusted information in different specialities related to medicine, drugs and research.

    3. The third different healthcare job that little people know about is Cardiac Perfusionist, it is also called CCP (Certified Clinical Perfusionist), this specialist is responsible for operating the heart-lung machine, which plays the role of the human heart during life-changing operations, this machines can do all the functions that heart does normally.

    4. Another interesting unusual healthcare job is being a Wound Care Specialist, it is a suitable job for those who don’t have a problem in dealing with blood, big wounds, acute and chronic injuries, and surgical ones, etc.. The physician doing this job is paid very well, his salary ranges from 500 to 700 $ per day.

    5. An interesting and artistic job for healthcare professionals is to be a Medical Illustrator or filmmaker, it is also known as medical animator, in this job you can use your drawing and video making skills to create diagrams or simplified films that make complicated sciences much easier for students, trainees or anyone searching for scientific information.

    6. Health Educator, this job makes you help others differently, you can use your medical knowledge in teaching patients to be healthier without clinical examination for them, this can be achieved by educating them about first aid basics for life saving or about their chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.
    Not only the patients, you can also help other healthcare professionals to provide better service by teaching them infection control guidelines, CPR procedures and many other instructions that facilitate their work.

    7. The last job we will talk about is very interesting to those who love languages, it is called Medical Interpreter, the medical interpreter helps in contact between patients and doctors with different nationalities, languages and of course cultures.
    His duty is to prevent the misunderstanding that may happen between doctors and patients due to different languages and to explain the medical complicated terminology to patients simply to understand their cases, also, the interpreter can translate medical documents or reports in hospitals and clinics.

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