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Level Ex Launches Medical Game For Doctors To Learn About Dermatology

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, Jun 30, 2021.

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    Level Ex, a Chicago tech company that makes video games for physicians to learn medical skills, is expanding into a new vertical—dermatology.


    The company announced Monday that it has launched a new medical mobile game called Top Derm. The game covers a wide variety of dermatology topics and will soon provide dermatologists with the opportunity to earn free continuing medical education credits.

    This is Level Ex’s fifth specialty game that aims to train doctors on a range of medical conditions. Other Level Ex games, which all run on phone, tablets and web browsers, cover general and interventional cardiology and airway management.

    By playing the company's games, doctors are able to strengthen their medical skills, remain up-to-date on latest techniques, treatments and products, the company says.

    Top Derm has been developed with visual effects technology to create a DeepSkinFX Generator that shows medically accurate and high resolution images of any skin disorder on any region of the body and skin tone. The detailed images allow users to visualize and understand a wide variety of medical scenarios, like skin cancer, cosmetic dermatology and pediatric dermatology.

    “Over 140 dermatologists collaborated with the video game industry’s top designers, developers, and artists to advance the field of dermatology through play,” said Level Ex co-founder and CEO Sam Glassenberg in a statement. “Using industry-leading VFX technology, we’ve built a system capable of rendering images so realistic that dermatologists struggle to discern them from real photos.”

    Founded in 2015, Level Ex raised more than $17 million in venture capital financing before being acquired by Munich-based digital medical technology company Brainlab last summer.

    Level Ex says its medical video games are played by over 750,000 health care professionals, up from 600,000 last summer, and several of the top 20 pharmaceutical and medical device companies. National medical societies and government organizations, including NASA, also use Level Ex, the company says.


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