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Make Up Tips For Female Doctors

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Pavel lound, Aug 26, 2019.

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    The care and effort you put into your image as a Medical doctor talks a lot about your overall personality and hence it should not be limited to the outfits you choose for the hospital. Your appearance should complement your profession, which is to say that looking confident and competent is very important. When you look pretty you feel pretty and you work with all your heart and soul.

    When it comes to make-up it is very important to realize what is suitable for a hospital while keeping your X factor on the go.

    Skin care routine: Have a healthy skin care routine right before you go to bed so that you wake up fresh and minimal make up on you works perfect. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize!

    Wear your skin: Keep your makeup simple and natural, use professional products as they last long and give a finest look. Play around shades of brown and nudes as they complement every outfit. Regardless of your skin tone use warm colors for your eye shadows such as peach, plum, brown, beige. This goes for lipsticks and blush as well so choose carefully.

    Get rid of dark circles: Dark circles give an impression that you are too tired to focus on the work or haven’t slept for ages. Invest in a good under eye concealer.

    Maintain the look: Keep blotting tissues for touch ups after lunch time or right before a meeting. They would remove any extra oil on your skin and give it a glow-ey look the entire day.


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