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management of snake bite on the anvil?

Discussion in 'Emergency Medicine' started by anshu, May 21, 2013.

  1. anshu

    anshu Guest

    how would ya manage a patient who comes u just after snake bite ,say in an hour or so,conscious and oriented maybe vomiting and febrile..(please dont put any pics of snakes for godsake,would faint if i see them even in pics)

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  2. neo_star

    neo_star Moderator

    Nov 4, 2012
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    firstly we have to recognize the type of snake (whether vasculotoxic or neurotoxic ) and sometimes times, ppl come with the culprit snake ( either partially or fully killed ) and dat helps as well ( assuming it's the same snake ). In the set up dat i worked, we had displayed a poster showing the diff kinds of snakes and the victim if oriented wud point to the suspect snake. If it's at night..den no point asking and by the time the patient gets to the hospitals...der r enuf signs and symptoms to tell which kind.

    also, some snakes are more common in a particular locale and if clueless, u can ask dat as well ( but shud b aware of the locally used names ).

    i hav managed both neurotoxic ( many cases ) and vasculotoxic ( 2 cases ), but since both vasculotoxic cases i managed, succumbed to the bite...i don't think i can talk about vasculotoxic bites and so i open the floor to anybody who has experience and wishes to take the topic head on.

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  3. anshu

    anshu Guest

    could u also post as to how to go about it..
    anti snake venom and the medical management?if thats okay with ya joey..

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