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Medical Schools Offering Clinical Elective Training In USA

Discussion in 'USMLE' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jan 30, 2014.

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    1-University of Alabama School of Medicine

    *Birmingham, Alabama

    *Fees: $165 to apply (first elective is free) + $150 per each additional elective
    *TOEFL : yes ( 100 overall and 22 speaking) can be waived .
    *Step 1: no
    *Visa: B1/B2

    2-University of South Alabama ,college of medicine

    *Mobile, Alabama

    *Fees :100$/rotation
    *TOEFL : yes ( 100 overall)
    *Step1: yes
    *Visa: J1

    3- University of Arizona College of Medicine

    *Two campuses: Tucson &
    Phoenix, Arizona

    *International students aren't accepted unless there is a direct connection with one of the faculty staff. ( Sponsorship )

    5- UAMS College of Medicine

    *Little Rock, Arkansas
    *No IMS

    6- Keck School of Medicine of USC

    *Los Angeles ,California *Not accepting IMS

    7-Loma Linda University School of Medicine

    *Loma Linda, California *No IMS

    8-Stanford University School of Medicine

    *Stanford, California *Mo IMS

    9-University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

    *San Diego ,California

    Fees: $250 per 4-week
    Visa: no specific type is required .
    TOEFL: no
    Step1: no

    10-UC Davis School of Medicine

    *Sacramento, California *NO IMS

    11-University of California, Irvine School of Medicine

    *Irvine, California
    *No IMS ( only from affiliated schools and no one from EGYPT)

    12-David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

    *Los Angeles, California *Fees: $450 for each 3-week elective (maximum of 3 electives)
    *TOEFL : no
    *Step1 : no
    *Visa : no
    *Students only attending a medical school that has a reciprocal relationship with UCLA (Affiliation ) or with on-site clinical training, in English ( statement msh mafhoma )


    13- Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

    LA , California
    *Affiliated with David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA *The same requirements of the UCLA are needed for THIS center
    *students ( Especially IMS ) may apply for most of the courses offered at Cedars-Sinai through their academic affiliation with UCLA


    14- Children's Hospital Los Angeles

    *LA , California *HIPAA
    * Letter of recommendation
    * Malpractice insurance provided by your medical school.
    * Student Programs Advisor ( For the other Reqs )
    Raquel Landeros or call: (323) 361-2127
    16- Northern California Kaiser Permanente

    *They aren’t clear about accepting IMS . Try your luck  .
    17-University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine

    San Francisco, California *Int. students aren’t accepted.

    18-University of Colorado School of Medicine

    *Denver, Colorado
    *Fee:4000$/4 weeks elective +215$ as application fees
    *TOEFL: yes
    *Step1 :yes + others needed

    19-University of Connecticut Health Center

    *Farmington, Connecticut ( IMS aren’t accepted temporarily ) please revise the website .

    20-Yale School of Medicine

    *New Haven, Connecticut

    *Fees: $3100/4wks
    *TOEFL : Yes
    *Step1: no

    21-The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

    *Washington D.C.
    No IMS ( only from affiliated schools and No one is from Egypt

    22- Howard University College of Medicine

    *Washington D.C. ( No IMS )

    23-Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

    *Miami,Florida *Only observerships for IMGs .
    *No electives for IMS

    24-The Florida State University College of Medicine

    *Tallahassee ,Florida No Information on their website
    25-University of Central
    Florida College of Medicine

    *Orlando ,Florida *Not accepting visiting students now (either AMS or IMS )but keep in touch .

    26- University of Florida College of Medicine

    *Gainesville ,Florida

    *NO IMS

    27-USF Health Morsani College of Medicine

    *Tampa ,Florida *

    *No IMS

    28-Orlando Health

    *Orlando , Florida Florida Universities are affiliated with Orlando Health and they don’t accept int. students .So, it’s better to ask Orlando Health for medical training for an international student as they may accept you.

    Florida Universities are affiliated with Orlando Health and they don’t accept int. students .So, it’s better to ask Orlando Health for medical training for an international student as they may accept you.

    29-Cleveland Clinic Florida

    *IMS only from affiliated universities ( no one from Egypt)
    *Step1 : yes
    *TOEFL : no
    *Fee: no

    30-Emory University School of Medicine

    *Atlanta, Georgia *Fees :500$ as application and 3000$ once accepted
    *Step1: yes
    *Visa: B1/B2
    *TOEFL : Yes

    31- Atlanta Medical Center

    *Atlanta , Georgia Contact them directly
    * Atlanta Medical Center
    303 Parkway Drive NE, Box 423
    Atlanta, GA 30312

    32-Medical college of Georgia - Georgia regents university

    *Augusta, Georgia *Not accepting Int. students right now, but keep in touch.

    33-Mercer University School of Medicine

    *Macon, Georgia
    *Savannah, Georgia, *Fees: 75$ as application fee +25 $ as drug screen +39$ as *background check
    *Step1: yes
    *TOEFL :no

    34-Morehouse School of Medicine

    *Atlanta, Georgia No IMS

    35-John A. Burns School of Medicine

    University of Hawaii at Manoa

    *Honolulu , Hawaii No IMS


    36-Pritzker School of Medicine

    *Chicago ,Illinois *No IMS

    37-Feinberg School of Medicine

    *Chicago , Illinois
    *IMS from affiliated medical schools are only accepted. No one is from Egypt.

    38-Rush Medical College

    *Chicago , Illinois NO IMS
    39- Stritch School of Medicine

    *Maywood , Illinois
    *Not clear about accepting IMS .
    *Step1: No
    *TOEFL : NO

    40- University of Illinois College of Medicine

    *Chicago, Illinois *Affiliation with Cairo University Medical school .
    * Other Medical schools students can apply also.
    *Fee: 1000$ / elective.
    *Visa: B1/B2
    *TOEFL : yes
    *step 1 :

    41-Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

    *Springfield , Illinois *IMS only from affiliated schools *

    42- Indiana University School of Medicine

    *Indianapolis, Indiana *Not accepting IMS from EGYPT ( China , Ireland and Canada only)

    43- Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine

    *Iowa City, Iowa *Not accepting students from EGYPT now , but keep in notice.

    44- Unity Point Health - Des Moines hospitals

    *Des Moines, Iowa *They offer electives but not specific if only for AMS or also IMS.

    45- Mercy Medical Center

    *Des Moines, Iowa *Family Medicine electives only
    *Call them directly
    Lauri Allen, at (515) 643-4624 or email

    46- University of Kansas School of Medicine

    *TWO campuses:-
    Kansas City, Kansas
    Wichita, Kansas *Step1 : No
    *Visa: B1/B2 or F1 visa
    *TOEFL: yes
    *Fee: registration fee of $400

    47- University of Louisville School of Medicine

    *Louisville, Kentucky * Not IMS from EGYPT. ONLY affiliated schools.
    * https://medicalstudentaffairs.louis...ips/foreign-medical-student-requirements.html

    48- University of Kentucky College of Medicine

    *Lexington, Kentucky *Not accepting Int. students.

    49- LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans

    *New Orleans, Louisiana *AAMC certified schools only ( No int. medical schools )

    50- Tulane University School of Medicine

    *New Orleans, Louisiana *Fee:400$ as an application fees+ $500 per month
    *TOEFL : no
    *Step1 :no

    51- LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport

    * Shreveport , Louisiana *Step 1 : yes
    *Fee:250$ as an application fees
    *TOEFL: no

    52-Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

    *Baltimore, Maryland *Only research electives are available for Int. students.

    53-University of Maryland, School of Medicine

    * Baltimore, Maryland
    * Not accepting Int. students .

    54- National Institutes of Health-Clinical Center

    *Maryland *Visa: B1
    *TOEFL: Minimum total score of 86 iBT with a minimal score of 26 on the speaking subsection .
    *Step 1 : no

    55-Boston University School of Medicine

    *Boston, Massachusetts *Not accepting Int. students.

    56-Harvard Medical School

    *Boston, Massachusetts *Visa:B1/B2
    *Fee:115$ as an application fee for each month& 4100-4300$/month
    *TOEFL : required if the language of the instruction in the student’s home school isn’t in English . However, can be waived by a letter from the DEAN .
    * Step1 : no

    57-Tufts University School of Medicine

    *Boston, Massachusetts *TOEFL : no ( but preferable)
    *Fee: 100$ as application fee
    *Step1 : No
    *Visa : B1/B2

    58-University of Massachusetts Medical School

    *Worcester, Massachusetts
    *fee:50$ as application fee & 500$/month
    *TOEFL : no
    *Step1 : no
    (Student’s Home school must have an exchange program with the UMass university ).

    59-Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

    *East Lansing, Michigan *No IMS .
    3 locations :-*

    60-University of Michigan Health System

    *Ann Arbor, Michigan *No IMS

    61- Wayne State University School of Medicine

    *Detroit, Michigan
    *Not clear in their websites about accepting IMS . Contact them directly and try your luck .
    *Fee:50$ as an application fees

    62-Western Michigan University School of Medicine

    *Kalamazoo , Michigan NO IMS

    63-Central Michigan University College of Medicine

    *Mount Pleasant, Michigan No IMS

    64-Henry Ford Health System

    *Detroit, Michigan *Not certain about accepting IMS , so try your luck
    *No TOEFL or Step1

    65-Mayo Medical School

    (Minnesota/Florida/Arizona) *Step1 : yes
    *TOEFL : No ( But needed if the language of instruction in home school isn’t in English )

    66-University of Minnesota Medical School

    *Minneapolis & Duluth, Minnesota *Not IMS from Egypt .

    67-University of Mississippi School of Medicine

    *Jackson, Mississippi *Not accepting IMS

    68-Saint Louis University School of Medicine

    *St. Louis, Missouri Not accepting IMS

    69-University of Missouri School of Medicine

    *Columbia, Missouri NO IMS at this time ( keep in touch )

    70-University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Medicine

    * Kansas City, Missouri NO IMS from Egypt

    71-Washington University School of Medicine

    *St. Louis, Missouri No IMS from Egypt

    72-Creighton University School of Medicine

    *Omaha, Nebraska No IMS accepted

    73-University of Nebraska Medical Center

    *Omaha, Nebraska *Several programs are available for international students.
    Email Sara Pirtle for more information.

    74-Geisel School of Medicine

    *Hanover, New Hampshire NO IMS

    75-University of Nevada School of Medicine

    *Reno, Nevada NO IMS

    76-University of New Mexico School of Medicine

    *Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Except OB/GYN (No IMG) *TOEFL : Yes
    *Step 1 : yes
    *fee: $125 processing fee & $1,749.50 per 4 week block.

    77-Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

    *Camden, New Jersey No IMS

    78-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    *New Brunswick, Newark, Piscataway, and Camden, New Jersey NO IMS

    79-Albany Medical College

    *Albany, New York *Not accepting IMS

    80-Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    *NYC, New York
    *No IMS ( only from affiliated schools )

    81-Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

    *Manhattan, NYC, New York
    *No IMS ( only from affiliated schools )

    82-Hofstra University, School of Medicine

    *Hempstead & Uniondale, New York
    *IMS only from affiliated schools.

    83-Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

    *Manhattan, New York City, New York Affiliated hospitals :
    1-Elmhurst Hospital
    2-Bronx Veterans Medical Center
    TOEFL: yes ( 22-30 in each category)
    Visa: F-1
    Fee: an application fee $1,000+$40 as health fee+$2,000 /month
    Step1 : yes ( can be waived )

    84-New York Medical College

    *Valhalla, New York
    * No IMS ( only from affiliated schools ).

    85-New York University School of Medicine

    *NYC, New York *Fee: Registration fee is $100.
    *Step1: no
    *TOEFL : no

    86-Stony Brook University School of Medicine

    *Stony Brook, New York *No IMS.

    87-State University of New York Upstate Medical University

    *Syracuse and Binghamton, NY
    *Affiliation needed . * No IMS ( only from affiliated schools )
    *STEP 1: yes
    *FEE : 100$ / elective
    *TOEFL : no

    88-SUNY Downstate Medical Center

    *Brooklyn, New York
    *Certain Depts. are accepting IMS
    *Fee:175$ application fee +100$ with second application
    *TOEFL :yes
    *Step1 : yes

    89-University of Rochester Medical Center

    * Rochester, New York
    *Affiliation needed. *No IMS ( only from affiliated schools) *

    90-Weill Cornell Medical College

    *New York City, New York *Fee:2000 $/month + 300 $ as an application fees
    *TOEFL :No
    *Step 1 : no

    91-University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

    *Buffalo, New York *No IMS

    92- Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center

    *Manhattan, New York City *Fee : 100$ Application Fee
    *Step 1 : yes
    *TOEFL: no

    93-Maimonides Medical Center

    *NYC , New York *IMS from Affiliated schools only

    94-North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System

    *NYC ,New York *Call the Registrar Directly
    Rochele Barton
    Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
    500 Hofstra University
    Hempstead, NY 11549
    p: (516) 463-7527
    f: (516) 463-7543

    95-The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

    *Greenville, North Carolina *No IMS

    96-Duke University School of Medicine

    *Durham, North Carolina *Toefl: a choice among others to prove fluency
    *Step 1 : yes
    *Basic Life Support.
    *Fee:2200$ as registeration fee / 6000$ per an elective

    97-University of North Carolina School of Medicine

    *Chapel Hill, North Carolina *TOEFL : yes ( min. 100 )
    *Step 1 : yes or Step2 CK
    *Fee: 100 $ as registration fee and 2000$/elective

    98-Wake Forest School of Medicine

    *Winston-Salem, North Carolina *Step1 : yes
    *TOEFL : No
    *Fee: 100$
    *2 letters of Recommendation

    99-Boonshoft School of Medicine

    *Dayton, Ohio No IMS

    100-Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

    *Cleveland, Ohio *Step 1 : yes or (IFOM-BSE)
    *TOEFL : no
    *Visa : preferable B1
    *Fee:120 $ /elective

    101- Cleveland Clinic Ohio

    * Cleveland, Ohio *TOEFL : yes
    *Step1 : yes

    102- The Ohio State University College of Medicine

    * Columbus, Ohio *NO IMS *

    103- University of Cincinnati - College of Medicine

    * Cincinnati, Ohio *Web Site is corrupted

    104- University of Toledo Medical Center

    * Toledo, Ohio
    *IMS Only From Affiliated schools
    *Step1 yes or an equivalent proving a good standing in Basic Sciences.
    *TOEFl: no students

    105- Northeast Ohio Medical University

    *Rootstown, Ohio *No IMS

    106- University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

    * Oklahoma City, Oklahoma *No IMS

    107- Oregon Health & Science University

    * Portland, and Hillsboro, Oregon *No IMS

    108- Drexel University College of Medicine

    *Philadelphia, Pennsylvania *No IMS

    109-Thomas Jefferson University

    *Philadelphia, Pennsylvania *Visa : B1
    *contact the registrars office for the requirements :

    110- Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

    *Hershey, Pennsylvania *No IMS


    111-Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

    *Philadelphia, Pennsylvania *Only IMS from affiliated universities ( no one from Egypt)


    112- Temple University School of Medicine

    *Philadelphia, Pennsylvania *Only IMS from affiliated universities ( no one from Egypt)


    113- University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

    *Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania *Only IMS from affiliated universities ( no one from Egypt)


    114- Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

    *Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, *Affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh

    *Non-refundable application fee $ 50
    *Tuition expense (flat rate) $ 2,100
    With no more information about step 1 or TOEFL .

    115- Alpert Medical School

    * Providence, Rhode Island *Fee: 175$ as registration fee and 4000$ / an elective month
    *Toefl : yes ( above 100)
    *Step1 : no
    *Visa : B1

    116- Medical University of South Carolina

    * Charleston, South Carolina No IMS

    117- University of South Carolina

    * Columbia, South Carolina *NO IMS

    118-Sanford School of Medicine of the

    University of South Dakota
    *Vermillion ,South Dakota *No IMS

    119- East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine

    *Mountain Home, Tennessee *NO IMS

    120- Meharry Medical College

    * Nashville, Tennessee *Unknown Information .

    121- University of Tennessee College of Medicine

    * Memphis, Tennessee, * Corrupted website .

    122- Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

    * Nashville, TN *No IMS

    123-Baylor College of Medicine

    *Houston, TX No IMS

    124-Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine

    *Bryan, Texas NO IMS

    125-Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

    *Lubbock, Texas NO IMS

    126-University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

    *Houston, Texas *Visa : F1
    *TOEFL : Yes
    *STEP 1: ( Yes for 2012-2013 school year ) (need to be reviewed next school year 2013-2014 )
    *Fee :250$ as application fee
    * (Visiting non-US students)

    127-University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Medicine

    *San Antonio, TX *TOEFL : yes
    *Step1 : Yes
    *Visa : B1 – or F1 in some cases
    * 1

    128-University of Texas Medical Branch

    *Galveston, Texas *IMS from affiliated universities only

    129- University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

    * Dallas, Texas *Certain Depts. accept IMSs. ( from website) most of them require Step 1
    * Standard Precautions Training ( via online training )
    * BLS and/or ACLS Certification
    * Mask Fit Test
    * UT Southwestern HIPAA Training
    *Additional Reqs. For each Dept. on the school’s website
    *Fee : 150$ as application fee and 25$ / an elective
    *Visa : f1



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  2. Egyptian Doctor

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    130- Children’s Medical Center Dallas

    *Dallas, Texas *Contact them directly


    131- University of Utah School of Medicine

    * Salt Lake City, Utah *Only from affiliated schools

    132- University of Vermont College of Medicine

    * Burlington, Vermont No IMS

    133-Eastern Virginia Medical School

    *Norfolk, Virginia No IMS

    134-University of Virginia School of Medicine

    *Charlottesville, Virginia NO IMS


    135-Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

    *Richmond, Virginia *Step 1 :Yes
    *Visa : B1
    *Two letters of recommendation
    *Proof of proficiency in English
    *TOEFL : no

    136-University of Washington School of Medicine

    *Seattle, Washington

    *Sponsorship *Sponsorship letter from School of Medicine faculty member is a must.
    *TOEFL : yes ( iBT with minimum 76 )
    *Fees are different according to the time of year u r applying for .
    *Two letters of recommendation from members of the student’s medical school .
    * Step 1 : NO


    137-West Virginia University School of Medicine

    *Morgantown, West Virginia
    *TOEFL : yes ( can be waived )
    *HIPAA ,OSHA training modules & respiratory fit testing.
    *Three campuses (Morgantown, Charleston, and Eastern Division).
    *Step1 : no
    * ( refer to visiting student on the left of the page to download PDF file )

    138-Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

    * Huntington, West Virginia *Step 1 : yes
    *Fee : no
    *TOEFL : NO

    139-Medical College of Wisconsin

    *Milwaukee, Wisconsin *No IMS


    140-University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

    *Madison, Wisconsin *No IMS


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