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MRCP Part 2 Experience and Tips - Score 906

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    I'd just post my experience with the mrcp part 2 exam.

    Diet : 3 , October 2020
    Score : 906
    Duration of prep : 3.5 months
    Took mrcp part 1 on Jan 7th 2020.

    Mrcp part 2 was definitely much harder than the first part.

    I'll keep it simple regarding the sources I used:
    1. Pastest - definitely the most useful qbank. Did this twice. Many of the concepts in pastest will be tested extensively in the part 2. It's crucial to be thorough with this.
    2. Passmedicine - not as high yield as pastest. But definitely important nonetheless. Did it once. The questions are long and some are very hard. But the explanations to some of the questions are top notch. So take some time and do it atleast once.
    3. BMJ oneexam - this I felt was quite outdated. Many of the answers were quite dubious. Few of the concepts were tested and I know I got them right because of this qbank. But definitely low yield compared to the other 2. So if you've got a lot of time to spare, can consider going through it once.
    4. Textbooks - personal opinion (might be unpopular) is that reading textbooks is an absolute waste of time. Start doing questions from the beginning. Atleast that's what I did. Never touched a textbook.
    5. The actual exam - clinical application of knowledge is important. Most concepts were similar to qbanks but the answers weren't straightforward at all. A sound and practical thought process would be very helpful.
    6. Don't ignore subjects like pain and palliative, dermatology, psychiatry. Doing well in these might help boost your score.
    7. Last but not the least make sure you are adequately rested before the exam and we'll hydrated since part 2 is a lot more strenuous than part 1. Time management would be crucial and time yourself every now and then.

    Thank you so much to everyone in this group. Many of the concepts about which I wasn't sure of were cleared by members of this group. All the best to everyone who's gonna take up this exam.

    By Aditya Sanjeevi on Facebook

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