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Music Tastes For Different Doctors

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by B. Logan, Aug 24, 2019.

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    Depending on the type of doctor you go to see, whether it's a general practitioner a gastroenterologist, each one seems like they have their own distinct personality. However, if we're looking for something fun to do, we can think of the music genres that different doctors listen to.

    Cardiologists - Electronic Dance Music

    Cardiologists listen to beats every day through their stethoscopes when they listen to the heart. It's safe to assume that when they get off work they listen to the sick wub wub beats of EDM when they're not at work. Just imagine when they get home they take a model heart and make it beat to the beats of their dance music.

    Sleep Medicine Specialists - Rock Music

    You would assume that sleep doctors would listen to the sounds of nature or relaxing classical music. However, a sleep doctor's job is to watch people sleep all day so they can figure out why they're having a hard time sleeping. They don't want to go home and listen to music that makes them sleepy. They want to go home, let down their hair, and rock out to rock music.

    Rheumatologists - Dubstep

    Rheumatologists have to be able to diagnose issues like arthritis in bones and joints. They listen to bone-on-bone grinding all day. When they go home they want to listen to more grinding. That's when they pop in some Skrillex and blast some grinding music to remind them of what they do for a living.

    Pulmonologists - Heavy Metal

    Pulmonologists listen to the lungs for any health issues. What better way for them to hear healthy lungs than to listen to music where someone is screaming into the microphone. If they're screaming for minutes at a mic for music then they obviously have healthy lungs, and thus, a music genre that pulmonologists would like.

    Psychiatrists - Instrumental Music

    Psychiatrists have to sit there all day and listen to people talk. The last thing they want is a music genre with any words in it. They just want to go home after a long day of hearing people's words and listen to music with no words at all.


    What music genres do you think other doctor specialties listen to?

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