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My Step 2 CS Experience

Discussion in 'USMLE' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 11, 2019.

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    My step 2 CS experience
    By: Hany eskarous

    1. I did my step 2 CK exam at August 30th, had 1 week rest then started to read first aid which took me about 2 weeks, then I started practicing over skype with a girl who was always busy and hardly log in in time so I had to look for another study partner in CS Facebook groups until I found a hard worker SP and did almost all FA cases with her over skype in about 2 weeks.

    2. I found that I still don’t feel confident enough to do my test and couldn’t find A LIVE STUDY PARTNER. One-time while opening one of the CS group, I got chance to read one of our friends CS exam experience. She did a very nice video of 2-hours duration uploaded in YouTube explaining how to take a history for different system diseases. This video was a mazing, makes you well prepared for having a very précised history in a short time. I’ll put the YouTube link down.

    3. Before that, one of my friends recommended A CS course in NYC called NYCS PREP, I was hesitated to do as I live in OHIO and it will be difficult to find an affordable accommodation but I booked for the premium package.(Link of the Course website is written down)
     When I went there We did 3-days of how to do physical exam and we had some practice cases with a very professional SPs
     This course is amazing because of the following advantages which is hard to find anywhere else

    1. No one teaches how to do the exact physical exam literally like this course.

    2. The mock test given there makes you feel comfortable in the real exam day as most of cases are harder with well trained professional SPs who give you feedback after your encounter makes you improve to the level you aim to

    3. This is the only course let you come and practice with your friends having their exam at same or close day of yours every day in the exact same real test encounter rooms (bed, instruments, etc.)

    4. One of the best thing is the continuous evaluation of your encounter performance and your patients notes until your hear you good to go from your professor there.

    4. Exam day:
     My exam was in Houston, cases were not hard in general, I was anxious in first encounter then it went very smooth, did some mistakes but this normal I guess.
     Link for the YouTube video:

     Link for NYCS prep course website:


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    I did my cs exam in Chicago and it was nowhere near as hard or complicated as everybody makes it out to be. I got my results and passed each section way over borderline. the exam was straight forward, the sps pretty much acted like regular patients or regular people, no one was too weird or anything like that, I did get a few challenging questions. I took a simple approach because after reading all the forum posts and ads it was up to me to decide how difficult I was going to make the exam for myself. I will tell you half the battle is your own stress. I used first aid 6 the edition read all the mini cases and watched csevideo at least 4-5 videos a day and did the patient note right after the video. so my study plan was straight forward and the exam was pretty much just like the csevideo library and the fa cases, but the fa has the cases but not in that exact format, so your best bet is to watch csevideo because it will show you how the first aid cases are played out, that was the best thing I did, and I practiced on my colleagues as there were five of us who took the exam around the same time and we all passed except one person who has not gotten results yet. I'm in my clinicals at Jackson park in IL we basically practiced on each other after clinic and followed csevideo outline all the way through. Good luck.

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