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My Story With PLAB 2 Exam

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Hello everyone,

    I would like to share my experience with you, but put in your mind that everyone has his/her own way to study and different circumstances, so think before listening to anyone's experience.

    Thank God I passed PLAB2 exam on my first attempt.

    First, I joined Dr. Mohamed Sobhy’s course and I started watching the videos around 3 months before my exam while writing up some notes and keywords. Try to check the notes of one more different academy and the NHS management. Eventually, It is better to make your own notes.

    Dr. Sobhy’s approach is very helpful. Personally, it assisted me every time I got stuck on the exam day, so stick to the approach .

    Then I joined the academy, I couldn't travel for a long time, just 20 days before the exam, it was very beneficial regarding the mock exams (the weekly mock exam in the academy and the daily one, which was held by us ), the cooperative staff, the candidates as well as the discussions after every class with each other it helped me relieve my stress. [​IMG]

    And the golden advice "PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE as much as you can" with people who passed the exam, with other candidates in the academy, with candidates from other academies and with doctors who offer online mock exams (dr Moustafa Mahmoud's feedback was very detailed and beneficial).

    Thank you dr Mohamed Sobhy , dr moustafa, my friends from the academy and newsham house, you helped me study, practice and bear with the tough period before the exam.

    Best of luck for you all.
    By Aya Farghaly

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