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New Medical Dictionary Published!!!! Just for fun........................wink)

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Hasan, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Anti-Body : against everyone
    Artery : study of paintings
    Bandages : The Rolling Stones
    Bacteria : back door to a cafeteria
    Barium : what to do when treatment fails (Bury em)
    Botulism : tendency to make mistakes
    Bowel: letters lik A E I O or U
    Caesarian Section : a district in Rome
    Cardiology : advanced study of card games.
    Cat Scan : searching for ones lost kitty
    Cauterize : made eye contact with her
    Coma : punctuation mark
    Congenital : friendly
    Cortisone : the local courthouse
    Dilate : to live long (die late)
    Enteritis : a penchant for burglary
    Genes : blue denim slacks
    Hangnail :coat hook
    Hemorrhoid : a male From outer space
    Herpes : what women do in the Ladies Room
    Hormones : what a prostitute does when she doesn't get paid
    ICU : Caught you
    Labor Pain : hurt at work
    Medical Staff : a doctor's cane
    Minor Operation: coal digging
    Morbid : a higher bid
    Nitrate : cheaper than the Day Rate
    Node: was aware of (knowed)
    Organ transplant : what you do to your piano when you move
    Organic : organ repairman
    Outpatient : a person who has fainted
    Pathological : a reasonable way to go (logical path)
    Pharmacist : person who makes a living dealing in agriculture (farm assist)
    Post-Operative: a letter carrier
    Protein: in favor of young people (pro-teen)
    Recovery: Room place to upholster furniture
    Red blood count : Dracula
    Saline : where you go on your boyfriend's boat (sailing)
    Secretion : hiding something
    Surgery: a reason to get an uninterruptible power supply (surge-surgery)
    Sterile solution : not using the elevator during a fire
    Tablet : a small table
    Terminal Illness :getting sick at the airport terminal
    Tibia : country in North Africa
    Tumor : an extra pair (two more)
    Varicose : nearby (very close)
    Urine : opposite of "You're Out

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