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Olive Oil – Remedy That Works Best For Hair Loss

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mellisasentini, Dec 17, 2019.

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    Olive oil is an extract from the olive crop. It is used in the kitchen as well as in cosmetic and medicinal purposes. It stimulates hair growth and acts as a natural moisturizer for the scalp. It is beneficial for people who are suffering from male pattern baldness. The primary cause of this baldness is due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. It decreases the production process of DHT, which assists in a minor decrease in hair loss.

    Olive oil is high in monosaturated essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It softens and smoothens your hair by forming a protective layer on the surface of your scalp. The emollients present in this oil acts as a natural conditioner, and vitamin E helps in fighting off the damage caused due to free radicals, pollution, and sunlight.

    Which type of olive oil to use?

    Go for organic pure extra virgin high quality unrefined olive oil. Don’t look for cheaper alternatives or oils that are blended with some other oil extracts.

    How to use olive oil?

    Hot oil treatment

    Warm a cup of olive oil and massage it on your hair from root to tip. After that, cover your hair with the towel for half an hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. By this we can say that we can use Olive oil for hair loss.

    Blend with essential oils

    It is an efficient carrier oil for many essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils. Add a few drops of these essential oils and massage it on your scalp for stimulating the hair growth.

    When olive oil is used as a carrier oil along with essential oils such as cedarwood and thyme essential oil, they prevent the hair breakings. In contrast, mixing lemongrass essential oil helps in clearing off the dandruff flakes from the scalp.

    Since these essential oils pose a risk for allergies, you should test them before use. Take the essential oil of your choice and place one drop of it on the back of your hand. Leave it for 30 minutes and observe your skin.

    How olive oil benefits your hair?

    Fights dandruff

    Often poor diet or fungal infection causes dandruff in your scalp. Massaging olive oil in the scalp helps in softening the flakes on your scalp, soothes the itchiness on your scalp, and reduces inflammation. All this results in getting rid of flakes.

    Provides strength

    Olive oil helps in locking off the moisture in your hair, which strengthens the hair roots and imparts shininess to your hair. The monosaturated fats present in this oil helps to improve your hair from root to its tip. The imparted strength helps in speedy, denser, and thicker hair growth.

    Prevents the loss of hair

    The omega-6 fatty acids prevent hair fall in a dry environment. It helps in trapping the moisture in your hair that keeps it strengthened even in the dry environment.

    Improves blood flow

    Massaging olive oil also improves the blood flow around the scalp area. Healthy blood flow helps in strengthening the hair follicles, which grows thicker hairs.

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