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Online MRCS Real Experience (Study Duration - Materials - Tips - Advice)

Discussion in 'USMLE' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 8, 2021.

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    MRCS Exam Experience
    [​IMG]Preparation Time :-
    - I studied 3 months, and this is enough ..
    - I think ideal duration : 3-4 months .. You will be more confident ..

    [​IMG]Materials :-
    ~ Applied Basic Sience (ABS) Paper :-
    -----> [1] Anatomy : eMRCS is very enough + supported by Google pictures, also I use some YouTube videos to clear some concepts
    -----> [2] Physiology : I just read eMRCS with some topics from Raftery book
    -----> [3] Pathology : Pathoma videos + eMRCS, but I think eMRCS only is very enough (study pathology after surgical specialties)
    -----> [4] Medicolegal aspects & Statistics : Dr.Bishoy's tips + Dr.Zaki's notes + Recalls (this more than enough)
    ~ Princples of Surgery in General (PoSG) paper :-
    -----> I start with Dr.Ramy Yousif Videos {discussing eMRCS 2020} & then go to eMRCS 2020 Ed
    -----> eMRCS : Repeat it 3 times AT LEAST because it is the core of the exam ((Honestly I repeat some specialties more than others according to their number of questions in exam such as trauma, orthopedic, breast & endocrine, pre & post operative)) .. Also I revised eMRCS from Dr.Bishoy Voice Notes which is very helpful & amazzing
    -----> PasTest : Study some chapters : Trauma & Burn, Orthopedic, Vascular, Pre & Post Operative, Breast & Endocrine & this if you have time ..
    -----> Fawzia Sheet : you should know it by heart, Dr.Ramy Yousif has verrrrry helpful 3 videos about Fawzia Sheet
    -----> Recalls : If you not master the recalls, you will not pass as simple as that .. You should know the answer to every Q .. Discuss recalls together

    So resources simply :-
    A) eMRCS : repeat it as much as you can
    [​IMG] PasTest : only once & only for some chapters if you have time
    C) Fawzia Sheet : repeat it 3 times at least
    D) Recalls : MASTER it, they are the key of pass

    [​IMG]Tips & Advices :-
    ----> Follow Dr.Bishoy schedule & you will pass In Shaa Allah
    ----> Do not enter the exam without doing Mock exams of Dr.Bishoy : they will make you familiar with the real exam, they will learn you to manage your time in the real exam, & they will come in the real exam .. So these mocks are very very important ..
    ----> Time is an important issue during exam : train yourself with mock exam & take care of time during real exam ..
    ----> Voice Notes of Dr.Bishoy : specially if you are on way to your work & so ..
    ----> Do not confuse yourself by many materials, many groups .. This group is very enough to pass ..
    ----> Last 4 or 3 weeks : just do Recalls, Fawzia Sheet, & your notes are the best one .. but you can do Omima notes (Excellent notes)
    ----> No need for courses, just follow Dr.Bishoy
    ----> Set your target : a high score, if you do not got a high score .. at least you will pass
    ----> Online exam : do not worry about that .. For me it is better than written exam & more comfortable ..

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