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Outsmarting Exams By Medical Students Affect The Health Of Our Community And The Evaluation Of Our M

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alaa M, Oct 28, 2019.


Have you ever tried to outsmart your exams?

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  1. Alaa M

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    Sep 5, 2019
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    As a medical student, did you think of or tried to outsmart your exams? And if you did so, what was your feeling when getting your results? Was it an effective way to get better grades?

    Do you think that exams are made to get good or to evaluate your information and your way of studying? And do you think this is a legal way to get your certification to be responsible of your future-patients’ lives?

    Some of us was dreaming of being doctors to be able to serve the patients and humanity. And we can’t deny that some dreamt of the social or financial aspects of being a physician!!

    I think the motivation to join the Faculty Of Medicine has the biggest influence on whether you chose to outsmart your examinations or just to study hard and decided to evaluate yourself properly.
    If you were fond of your studies, you would mostly choose to evaluate yourself and try harder and harder each time. You would be keen on studying and reading as much as you can instead of trying to minimize what you would read for your examinations.

    Exams are supposed to evaluate both the educational process itself, and our future-doctors. Outsmarting exams will lead to false results of these evaluations.

    And on the long run, won’t this lead to a huge defect in both the health and higher education organizations of the country?

    As a doctor, how will you outsmart your cases? It will be so difficult to search and to learn what you haven’t studied on college years.

    So outsmarting exams may make things easy during your college days, but it will make things so much harder and complicated in your career path and for your community.

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