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Paid Surveys: The Underrated Revenue Stream For Doctors

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Aug 14, 2019.

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    Q: Do doctors make money by answering surveys?

    A: Certainly, many companies and organizations are highly interested in paying doctors to encourage them to answer surveys either online or offline.

    Q: Is this service limited to American doctors?

    A: No, paid surveys are available for all doctors worldwide.

    Q: How can doctors find paid surveys online?

    A: Online networks for verified doctors provide paid surveys for their members according to their country and specialty; it is worth mentioning that registering in these networks is completely for free.

    Q: What are the best online networks that provide paid surveys for doctors?

    I recommend registering on SERMO here, It is the largest online network for verified doctors on the web, doctors can answer paid surveys on their website and get paid for these surveys.

    Q: Can I answer a survey for another specialty?

    A: No, these websites will send you the suitable survey according to your country and specialty so you will not be allowed to answer surveys for other specialties, offline surveys do the same they send you a representative according to your specialty and they will never send you a survey for other specialties.

    Q: Are doctors well paid for answering these surveys?

    Yes, doctors are well compensated for their time and effort, for example SERMO has paid over $ 16 million USD in honoraria to doctors who answered their surveys around the world in just the last 1 year.

    Q: I am specialized in a rare specialty, will I find suitable surveys?

    You will register and add your specialty, if they have suitable survey they will invite you to answer it, if they don’t have a suitable survey they will send you when they have in the future.

    Q: Who are interested in my opinion?

    As a doctor, many companies are interested in your opinion especially medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare IT, medical devices and market research companies along with healthcare organizations and even governments.

    Q: Is it ethical to get paid for answering these surveys?

    Sure, you are paid for your insights, you will never be asked to recommend any product or service for your patients.

    Q: Do other professions find paid surveys?

    Yes, they do even students can find paid surveys but doctors can find more surveys for much better reward as they are more valuable for a lot of companies and their answers control businesses of multi-billion dollars worldwide.

    Q: How long does it take to answer a survey?

    A: It depends, it can range from 10 minutes to 1 hour, and usually they determine the reward of the survey according to its length.


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