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pharma influencer market

Discussion in 'Pharmacy' started by Sorial sameh samy, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Pharma influencers

    Influencer marketing has become a staple of many social marketing campaigns, but can it work for companies in the highly-regulated pharma market? The orientation of how people tend to deal with medical issues changed , now the search online for solution or even open a Doctor’s social profile and they find their answer despite actually going to seek a medical attention . As more people go online or to social media to get health and medical information, it makes sense for pharmaceutical and other health-focused companies to find ways to connect with an audience or customer base online. Pharmacy influencer marketing is one way companies can reach people who are searching for information online.

    What is influencer market ?

    you have a hard audience to satisfy so that’s why influencer market is booming as it depends on mutual the medical field companies tend to do the same conserning the output products they have .they use influencer marketing by working people who have established a following and a high level of engagement on certain social media platforms, aka “influencers.” The influencers create content for brands that subtly promotes a product or service. In addition according to 2018 “state of creator Economy survey” numbers of followers have been doubled to the social media accounts of medical companies .

    Particular Challenges of Pharmacy Influencer Marketing

    The process is being regulated by the FTC federal trade commission. Influencer marketing campaigns need to comply with the guidelines set up by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Specifically, that means posts created by influencers on behalf of brands need to reveal any material connections between the influencer and brand. A simple way to reveal that connection is by using the hashtag #ad.

    Pharmacy influence marketing has to comply with the FTC’s guidelines. Also, it needs to comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s rules for advertising drugs and medicines. According to the FDA, any ad for a drug needs to include the following:

    · The drug’s name

    · The FDA-approved use of the drug (the ad needs to list at least one approved use)

    · The most significant risks of the drug

    The FDA stresses that any advertisement of a medicine or drug needs to present its benefits and risks in a “balanced” fashion.

    Well what happens when you break those guidelines ? back in 2015 kim Kardashian created a post for Diclegis ( a medication for morning sickness ) . What her post didn’t include was a list of the risks and potential side effects of the drug. That didn’t go down well with the FDA, and kim quickly deleted the post after the drug’s manufacturer received a warning letter from the agency.

    Life examples of how pharmacy influencers work :

    The first role model is Novartis in 2016 they teamed up with Queen Latifah after they have announced the production of Drug Entresto( drug helps treat heart failure ) . so Queen Latifah opened a life discussion on facebook as her mother suffer from a heart failure problem that life discussion was viewed more than 3K .

    Amcal Pharmacy which is Based in Australia, Amcal Pharmacy teamed up with race car driver Jack Perkins, who has diabetes. On Instagram, Perkins regularly discusses his “journey” with the disease and how Amcal has helped him get the medications he needs to manage the condition.

    In the end the future of pharma influencers market appears to be promising and many companies appear to apply it. However its still a game of lottery or otherwise fishing in a see full of followers don’t know if I can get a nice catch or and empty nets

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    According to the FDA, any ad for a drug needs to include the following:
    • The drug’s name
    • The FDA-approved use of the drug (the ad needs to list at least one approved use)
    • The most significant risks of the drug


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