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Pippa Knight: Judge Rules Doctors Can Withdraw Life-Support Treatment

Discussion in 'Neurology' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, Apr 30, 2021.

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    A High Court judge has given doctors permission to withdraw life-support treatment for a brain-damaged girl at the centre of a long-running legal row.


    The decision by Mr Justice Poole will see Pippa Knight, who is in a vegetative state, being allowed to die.

    Pippa's mother, Paula Parfitt, 41, from Strood in Kent, wanted her to be treated at home on a portable ventilator.

    She had launched a series of legal challenges.

    Pippa began suffering seizures at the age of 20 months and was diagnosed with acute necrotising encephalopathy.

    Mr Justice Poole had ruled in January that doctors could lawfully stop providing life-support treatment and allow Pippa to die.

    He concluded that Pippa was being burdened by the treatment but getting no benefit, and said ending life-support was in her best interests.


    Ms Parfitt challenged the decision, but failed to persuade judges in the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights to overturn Mr Justice Poole's ruling.

    Hospital bosses responsible for Pippa's care returned to court late on Thursday to ask for approval for a plan to withdraw the treatment.

    Mr Justice Poole, who described the case as "heart-rending", said there should be no further delay.


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