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PLAB 1 Exam (Exam Day Story)

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Passed Plab 1
    This was my first attempt

    Time management during the exam is as important as your preparation is.


    While doing the paper during exam i came across few questions which i wasn't sure enough about the answer .. i could rule out 2 or 3 options and was stuck in between 2 options .. I left such questions after wasting some time on it .. thinking that i would come back to them after completing the paper.

    It turned out that by the time i reached 170th question, I had only 3 to 4 minutes left

    Now i had to complete 10 questions and also go back to the questions i left .. all in that span of 4 minutes
    Somehow i did manage to complete 180 questions .. but i couldn't even blindly bubble the questions i left .. let alone the thought of coming back to those questions.

    Overall I did not bubble around 25 questions.

    The moment i left the exam hall .. i had this unsatisfactory feeling and i was worried about the result.
    Finally the results were released and i scored just enough marks to pass !!!

    I scored 117. And i am very very thankful to the ALMIGHTY.

    Bottom line is: Start the paper from the word GO

    Don't waste even a single second during the exam

    Don't overthink about the answers you marked. There are going to be a few simple questions, don't question your judgement and waste time

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