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PLAB 2 Experience (Academy - Preparation - Study Partner - COVID Situation - Mocks)

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Alhamdulillah, By the grace of almighty Allah, I cleared my PLAB2 exam in my first attempt with just 17 days post academy. Finally got through!

    I rushed to the exam after my course, I know that and I do not recommend that.

    If I had more time, probably I could have passed more stations. [​IMG]

    I did not even have a plan to sit for PLAB2 in November but my IELTS would expire soon, so I was desperately looking for an exam date and Alhamdulillah I managed to book for 6 November.

    It was a challenging journey for me, but believe me PLAB2 is very doable, even for an average student like me, with a few years career gap and having 2 naughty toddlers.

    Anyone can do it, it is just how much you put in the effort before appearing in the exam. It needs hard work and dedication. Cut off negativity and stay focused.

    I joined Common Stations, Dr Hamed’s academy for my PLAB2 preparation.

    I joined his online course in August. The course was an eye opener for me. It was different from what I expected, because he emphasized and pressurized us over the right approach rather than memorizing the scripts.

    Not only he taught us different techniques and tools to be able to tackle any situation in the exam but also his sessions on interpersonal skills and how to build your rapport with the patients were very informative.
    With the GMC and its recent restrictions, I feel that you need to be given an approach which can be used in any station and I think Dr Hamed’s approach hands down, there is nothing to compare.

    I did the in-person course in October. Considering the current situation, the course was very well organized. We had lectures in the morning in which Dr Hamed used to teach the structure and the right way to deal with different type scenarios. He takes all the classes, hence no variation in teaching style.

    In the afternoons, we were having example scenarios, roleplays with Dr Hamed and Q&A which are not to miss. The roleplays were thought provoking, we practiced stations from A to Z and we got to know about the common mistakes made during the exam.

    If you are planning to do Dr Hamed’s course, never shy away from being a volunteer and try to do as many roleplays as you can, trust me it will take the exam fear away. It is better to make your mistakes there rather than in the exam. It will help you to find out your mistakes and improve them. Try to observe how other students perform the stations and learn from them.

    After each class try to get 1-2 hours to go through what was done for that day. It gives you a better understanding of the class the next day.

    Choosing a good and dedicated partner to practice face to face is very important. Before joining the course, I really struggled to find a study partner, but I found amazing study partners and batchmates there, without them it was impossible to clear. Try to practice at least with 3 partners and give each other feedbacks.

    The notes are comprehensive, classified based on subject and up to date, containing the trends and recent developments.

    Do not get overwhelmed with the amount to be covered. Plan your study time based on how much time you think you need to prepare. Everyone knows their pace so decide according to that.

    Dr Hamed is always available if we had any doubts and advises on study strategy. I even asked some questions the night before my exam and he was answering them patiently.

    Mocks are a must to attend. Doing 15 stations back-to-back is not something to miss, you got to evaluate yourself. For me, the mocks were harder than the actual exam, so it is actually beneficial in making sure that you are well prepared. The feedbacks were one to one and for me were very helpful in polishing my approach and finding my hidden weaknesses.

    The academy provides you with everything that you need to pass; rest is your effort, at the end of the day, the knowledge is up to you to gather.

    I know people would have their own opinions and this is my true and honest experience.

    I owe my success to Dr Hamed and the entire CS team. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Thank you not only those who have personally helped me on this journey, but also to the entire community of this group which has given me so much.

    My husband is working in A&E and after my online course, he tested positive for Covid. My entire family got affected, it was a very tough situation, I even thought of cancelling my exam, but Alhamdulillah I managed to pull through and succeed. Remember that tough times never last!

    By: Ayesha Rahman

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