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PLAB 2 Experience In Details

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    This is a feedback about my journey in plab 2 which was really tough one.

    Thanks god i got my result today and i just want to share my experience so other may benefit . My exam was on 26th of March and i started preparations from the second of Feb.

    First i joined Dr Mohamed sobhy’s course and the academy which was really helpful for passing the exam it helped in structuring my mind about plab 2 as a whole ,regarding academy and course , so organized and everything will be there for you ,, remember that his course is focused on most cases that come in the exam .

    Furthermore , you will find a lot of students to practice with and i made a lot of good friends as well which also helped me a lot practically and emotionally.

    There is one mock every week , which is very important to get you ready for the exam situation and the best part about these mocks is that they are updated with the new cases . 1 important thing i was afraid of is the time management , i was really bad at this but after practicing by dr Mo’s time plan which was shorter than the real exam time i finished almost all my station in the exam before time .

    I really want to thank Dr mo not only for being a mentor but also for being there as a friend and a brother ,Dr mo is more than a brother , so energetic naturally helpful , gives academy taste of joy , fun and knowledge .Please dont be sensitive if he find your mistakes cuz he tries to make you good doctor as well as good candidate for the exam . He will never tell you you’re perfect unless few days from exam so you can study more and try to work hard on the mistakes .

    Remember that the key to pass this test is practice , however your mood and your confidence in exam day play a high role in your performance on that day .

    So simply get a structure > practice > practice > and follow the 12 steps of Dr mo’s easy way to pass this exam.

    Finally thanks to all the friends i was pleasured to meet in this journey who helped me very much in different ways.

    By: Omar Ashraf

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