Prenatal plastic surgery

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    In Beverly Hills, cosmetic surgery is not just for those outside the womb. This is a story about a woman who had a large nose, who wanted her child, destined to share her genetic trait, to have a nose job before birth.

    Her rationale: "I don't want my own child to have to wait thirty years like I did. We've seen sonogram pictures that show she's likely to have a sizeable schnoz, too.
    Why should she suffer from it when the science and technology now exists to make kids still more perfect little human beings, ready to take on the world the moment they emerge, and not predisposed to all the insecurities that result from something like that. If it makes just one kid more confident, it'll all be worthwhile."

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    I've been wondering about whether or not I should start taking a multi-vitamin pre and post op. I have a feeling the PreNatal vitamins should be perfect for post op because they have the most possible vitamin impact, would this be a good idea to help with healing? Or would just a basic multi vitamin pre and post op be fine? I plan to start a basic multivitamin two weeks before my procedure regardless.

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