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Prolonged Glyceroneogenesis and Side Effects of Olanzapine

Discussion in 'Endocrinology' started by Jonnydean3, May 25, 2012.

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    This is a two-part issue I have, revolving around the biochemistry of fatty acids. In both cases I'm looking for ideas on how to reverse the metabolic processes and get my body functioning normal again. Note that for the last three years my diet has been balanced and extremely healthy.

    The larger, longer-standing problem I have is the result of an extended low-carb diet and food restriction (four years ago) that started the process of glyceroneogenesis (using lean muscle mass to store as fat, in my case), which has continued to this day. This results in a loss of muscle and a gaining of fat on a continual basis, something another doctor referred to as "prolonged glyceroneogenesis."

    The newer, secondary issue resulted from taking Zyprexa earlier this year after being misdiagnosised. The metabolic effects mentioned in this article: have yet to subside (2 months after I stopped taking it), hence exacerbating and complicating the original metabolic issue.

    Any idea on how to "restart" my metabolic pathways, to regulate and calm down my system so that it functions normally would give me my life back. Drugs, treatments, supplements, diets, etc. would all be appreciated, as would further contacts or specialists or advice.

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