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Reasons for choosing India for IVF treatment

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Jermeen Wadie, Nov 29, 2019.

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    Infertility is a major problem between women and men all over the world where the woman is not able to get pregnant from normal sexual intercourse and this causes depression as the wife and husband are deprived of having a family.

    According to a study by a Bangalore based-medical technology company showed that 10-15% of married couples in India suffer from infertility. Female infertility is at 40-50% and Male infertility is 30-40%, and in some cases, infertility could be found in both partners.

    Reasons for females infertility:
    1- Irregular or absent periods.
    2- Diagnosed with endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory diseases.
    3- Had multiple miscarriages or abortions.
    4- Undergone cancer treatment.
    5- Age over 40.

    Reasons for males infertility:
    1- Low sperm count.
    2- Small testicles or swelling in the scrotum.
    3- Undergone cancer treatment.

    Other reasons for infertility:
    1- Increasing marital age.
    2- High alcohol and tobacco consumption.
    3- Obesity.

    Whatever the reasons found for infertility for both genders, there are ways to treat this infertility using In Vitro Fertilization known as the IVF which is considered to be the most effective treatment for several couples and the dream became true and delivered their babies.

    With the advanced and technology and protocols used in IVF for infertility treatment, the IVF success rate is increasing in recent years. From the most successful countries in IVF treatment is India as it is more advanced in medical and health care research as it gives the best treatment and services and satisfaction in terms of cost.

    5 Reasons for choosing India for IVF treatment

    1- Advanced IVF treatment
    Clinics and hospitals in India provide doctors who are always updated with the most recent technologies and equipment used to help patients to achieve better results.

    2- Affordable IVF treatment
    India provides affordable treatments compared to most of the western countries. The reason behind the low-cost treatment is the low-cost of living. Medicines used are also cheap without compromising the quality of treatment.

    The estimated cost of IVF treatment in various countries:
    a- U. S. A. - $12000 to $15000
    b- U. K - $8000 to $15000
    c- Singapore - $6500 to $10000
    d- India - $3500 to $6500

    3- Qualified and Experienced doctors
    India has the most qualified, experienced and intelligent doctors in offering infertility treatment who are specialized in IVF treatment.

    4- Personalized care
    The helpful and caring nature of the people in India is visible in services and work. The top medical clinics and hospitals ensure that patients should receive the required personal and medical care as a treatment package.
    All couples have the same way of care in different stages of treatment despite their social position, all are treated equally.

    5- All facilities are found in a single place
    Couples won't have to make an effort going from one place to another for different tests and surgeries required from doctors. Now you can go to one place from the beginning of the treatment until the delivery of the baby, so everything is done in the same place.

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