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Round Face Shape

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reham Zenhom, Nov 12, 2019.


can you choose the best hairstyle for your round face now?

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    Is round an attractive face shape?

    It is a super feminine face with feminine, no angular features. So women could get away with short hair styles as they look gorgeous on them in addition to pulling their hair back. So it’s a blessing to have a round face. But it’s not as easy for men as they have fewer styles to choose that could work for round face. However round face is more like the square face as they both have equal face proportions, as wide as they are long, but round faces have no sharp lines and no angles.

    How will you know that you have a round face shape?
    • Face is circular almost has equal width and length.

    • Rounded and small jawline with curve.

    • Cheekbones are round as well, and they are the widest part of the face.

    • The forehead is smaller than the full cheeks.

    • No taper to the chin.
    What celebrities have a round face shape?

    Female Celebrities with round face shape:

    • Selena Gomez - Mila Kunis.

    • Ginnifer Goodwin - Elizabeth Olsen.

    • Chrissy Teigen - Kate Upton.

    • Drew Barrymore - Hayden Panettiere.

    • Isla Fisher - Kate Bosworth

    • Charlotte Churches -Emma Stone.

    • Gigi Hadid - Miranda Kerr.
    Male celebrities with round shaped face:

    • Jack Black - Elijah Wood.

    • Gerard Butler - Kanye West.

    • Niall Horan
    What hairstyles are best for round faces?

    Choosing the best style is all about elongating the face. Adding volume will add more dimensions and angles to the face.
    Best hairstyles for female round faces:
    • Adding texture and waves to medium length or long hairstyle will slim out the face features.

    • Center-parting with waves will give a softer touch to slim line the face.

    • Pull back hair to give attention to the makeup or the face features.
    Best hairstyles for male round faces:

    Avoid long hair, buzz cuts, undercuts, and center parting as these styles only add more roundness to the face.
    • Square cuts balance the face out whether straight or wavy.

    • Short and clean cuts square off the face.

    • Long hair on top with shorter sides.
    Best makeup for round face:

    • Emphasize the arch of the eyebrow to add some length to the face and never draw a rounded eyebrow.

    • Draw attention to your best facial feature whether the eyes or the lip that will help balance the round face. If it was the eye go for winged eyeliner or cat-eye look, if it was the lips apply darker lipstick and lip gloss to bring focus to them and hence create slimming and elongating effect.

    • Apply a touch of highlighter to the chin to add length to the face.
    What type of glasses is best for round faces?

    • Square, rectangular or angular eyeglasses are the best for round faces.

    • Frames that are bigger, thicker and wider than the face will balance the feminine features and add structure to them.

    • Avoid oval, round and small glasses as they will only create wider image to the face.

    Best earrings for round faces:

    Choose long and dangle earrings that will help in slimming your face and elongate it.

    Avoid rounded, circular, button like, dangled with round disc and hoops earrings as they will only increase the size and roundness of the face.

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