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    Sensitive skin can get irritated by the littlest things, be it the foods you eat or the products you apply to it. Because of this, you need to take extra-special care of your complexion. Here, my top Do’s and Don’ts for those with sensitive skin.

    The Do’s:

    • Do keep skin clear by drinking water with lemon. It has amazing health and beauty benefits: Detoxifies, aids digestion, beautifies skin from within, purifies the blood and relieves bloating.

    • Do protect sensitive skin. Sunscreen is always important, regardless of your skin type. Use a non-comedogenic SPF paraben- and fragrance-free. Keep in mind that the higher the SPF, the more irritating it can be, so stick to an SPF 30, which blocks 97% of UV rays.

    • Do choose the right products. Fragrance is one of the most irritating factors in skin care. Choose products that not only have powerful antioxidants, but also anti-inflammatory ingredients like white tea, marine plants, calendula, and oats.

    • Do make your diet a priority by spicing it up! Increase your intake of anti-inflammatory spices: Tumeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper. Ingesting these spices greatly reduces inflammation on skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

    • Do use at home remedies to exfoliate sensitive skin. Mix ½ cup of sugar with olive oil to exfoliate and bind moisture to skin. Rinse, then apply fresh squeezed lemon juice (contains AHA’s that naturally and gently exfoliate) with a cotton pad. Leave on for 5-7 minutes, then rinse and moisturize.

    The Don’ts:

    • Don’t over-exfoliate skin. Once every 8-14 days is sufficient. Avoid harsh exfoliants such as nuts, shells and crystals in favor of chemical exfoliators like AHA’s.

    • Don’t strip sensitive skin of natural oils by using harsh cleansers filled with soap, sulfates and fragrances.

    • Don’t use hot water to cleanse skin.

    • Don’t overload on products! Keep your skin care regimen simple in both process and ingredients. You shouldn’t be using more than three products total on your skin at any given time.

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