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Seven Ways To Get General Practice Experience During Your Med Degree

Discussion in 'AMC' started by Lets Enjoy Medicine, Jun 20, 2021.

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    Give your GP career a head start with a scholarship, placement program, or bursary.

    Spending time in clinical practice is invaluable for building your knowledge and skills. But it’s also an opportunity to experience the reality of general practice and confirm whether it’s the path you want to take. Give your GP career a head start with a scholarship, placement program, or bursary. Let’s take a look at some of the most worthwhile opportunities to consider.

    Work in general practice under supervision

    Name: John Murtagh First Wave Scholarship Program

    Provider: General Practice Students Network

    Overview: Thiry-five general practice placement hours comprising eight sessions with a clinical placement supervisor and two sessions with allied services

    Who can apply: Open to first- and second-year students. One scholarship per state and territory, plus several bursaries (depending on funding and the quality of applications), which are similar but shorter in duration.

    Stipend: $1000

    What to expect: The program promises a positive and inspiring experience of general practice. You’ll come to appreciate the importance of GPs in continuous, long-term health care, and you’ll get a good idea of just what it means to be a GP – the job description, the lifestyle, and the career options. The program is also a great chance to build your skills in history taking, examination, preventative healthcare, and simple tasks such as blood pressure measurements and immunisations.

    More information:

    Experience rural medicine firsthand

    Name: John Flynn Placement Program

    Provider: Rural Workforce Agency Network

    Overview: Four annual two-week placements with a rural doctor

    Who can apply: 300 places, open to all Australian medical students

    Stipend: $500 per week plus travel and accommodation costs

    What to expect: You’ll work one-on-one with a rural doctor as they go about their everyday practice. Such a close mentoring relationship is an amazing opportunity to build a strong understanding and appreciation of rural medicine. You’ll encounter a diverse range of health settings and situations, and be exposed to the unique challenges that characterise rural healthcare. You’ll also be expected to immerse yourself in the local community – that means living with a local host, and being linked with a local person or organisation that will help you get involved with social and cultural experiences in the community.

    More information:

    Receive money and a mentor to launch your rural career

    Name: Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship

    Provider: National Rural Health Alliance

    Overview: Financial aid to help cover the cost of study and a rural doctor to act as your mentor over the course of your study

    Who can apply: Around 130 scholarships available per year based on financial need and commitment to working in rural practice. Open to current Australian medical students (citizens or permanent residents) with a rural background and membership of their rural health club.

    Stipend: $10,000 per annum

    What to expect: You’ll have the opportunity to choose your mentor from a pool of around 500 rural doctors that participate in the program. Your mentor will support you during your studies, helping you gain exposure to rural practice. While placements are not a requirement for the scholarship, recipients are expected to make an effort to create and maintain ties with rural Australia, and to understand and appreciate rural practice.

    More information:

    Make a difference for teens considering medicine

    Name: Northern Territory Rural High School Visits

    Provider: Northern Territory Primary Health Network

    Overview: Visits to high schools in the NT to promote careers in healthcare

    Who can apply: 12 places open to all Australian medical, nursing and allied health students

    Stipend: Travel expenses only

    What to expect: You’ll lead workshops looking at the benefits and challenges of careers in health, drawing on your own experiences to give students meaningful insights into what it means to be a doctor. This is a chance to make a real and lasting impact on young people’s lives. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit health clinics and meet health professionals during your stay.

    More information:

    Make your foray into NSW or ACT rural medicine

    Name: Bush Bursary and Country Women’s Association Scholarships

    Provider: NSW Rural Doctors Network

    Overview: Two-week rural placement

    Who can apply: Open to selected first-, second-, and third-year medical students in NSW and ACT.

    Stipend: $3000

    What to expect: The Rural Doctors Network doesn’t go into detail on what the program involves, but states that the placement “combines the enjoyable aspects of country life and rural medicine”.

    More information:

    Be reimbursed for a placement of your choice

    Name: Rural Elective Bursary

    Provider: Australian Medical Students’ Association

    Overview: Reimbursement for a rural or Indigenous health placement

    Who can apply: Open to all Australian medical students who are members of their university’s rural health club. You must complete a four-week elective placement in a rural area or Indigenous health service to be eligible.

    Stipend: Reimbursement for costs of placement, up to $1000

    What to expect: Financial aid only, for an elective placement

    More information:

    Indigenous students: Get help with course fees

    Name: Indigenous Peoples Medical Scholarship

    Provider: Australian Medical Association

    Overview: Financial aid to help cover the cost of study

    Who can apply: One scholarship available, open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people currently studying medicine in Australia

    Stipend: $10,000 per annum

    What to expect: Financial aid only

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