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sex with patients; lying to patients; reporting colleagues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr. Sebastian, Apr 12, 2011.

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    This research published in the BMJ Quality and Safety journal analyses the professionalism of UK and US doctors.

    The study involved a survey of just under 3,000 randomly selected UK and US doctors from various specialties (1891 US; 1078 UK).

    Are sexual relationships with patients ever appropriate? : 8 % Yes

    Have religious beliefs affected the care you provide? 4 % Yes

    Have you provided care for a person with whom you have a financial relationship? 5 % Yes

    Have you not fully disclosed a mistake to a patient because you were afraid of being sued? 83 % Yes

    Have you lied to an adult patient or child's guardian? 9 % Yes

    Have you breached patient confidentiality? 27 % Yes

    Have you received gifts/samples from drug, device or other medically related companies? 78 % Yes

    Have you made a specialist referral just to appease a patient? 85 % Yes

    If you have personally known a doctor who was incompetent

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