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Signs that your eyes are not as healthy as you think

Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by skinmole7, May 15, 2020.

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    Although you can apparently have good eyesight, this is compatible with poor eye health. We help you identify the warning signs. Seeing poorly is not the only symptom that can reveal the presence of eye problems. There are more signs that the health of your vision organs may be compromised, and you need to be aware of them to act before this becomes a difficult complication to resolve.

    Below we will see some of the warning signs to which you should react as soon as possible.

    Certain symptoms linked to eye problems are relatively subtle and can go unnoticed. Don't let them get out of your control:

    1. Do you feel dry eye?
    Over the eye, there is a kind of layer that covers it, a tear film that is in charge of nourishing and oxygenating the cornea and dragging any foreign particles that come into contact with it. Over the years, the production of this layer can decrease by 60%

    The production of the substance that protects your cornea is reduced over the years

    It can also happen that the tear evaporates more quickly because the oily layer that covers the edge of the eyelid (and that is in charge of "retaining" the tears) deteriorates.

    All this ends up causing a feeling of grit in the eyes, stinging and even pain.

    2. Do you distinguish colors well?

    In the retina, there are some cells specialized in distinguishing primary colors, but there are situations, such as the influence of a genetic disorder or an accident, that can make you not see all the shades.

    If only a few shades are lost, nothing happens, but if the alteration in perceiving the colors is more serious, this can hinder the quality of life.

    3. Does it hurt inside your eye?
    When there is poor oxygenation of the cornea, it can be damaged. This sometimes occurs due to the improper use of contact lenses.

    The pain may also be caused by a small injury to the eye. Vision RX20 Benefits Pay attention to this, because if a scar appears, it can cause light to reach the distorted eye and then cause vision problems.

    4. Does it itch or itch?
    The eyelids, eyelashes, and tear glands that protect the eyeball are very sensitive. Infections in these areas are common (blepharitis, styes, conjunctivitis ...) and cause symptoms such as stinging, itching or pain that can be very bothersome.

    For problems directly related to a deficiency in the detection of sharp shapes, it is urgent to seek help. You should pay special attention to these signs :

    1. You see blurry and blurred contours
    This may be indicating that there is a cataract. When it is forming it produces blurred vision, the light is perceived duller and the colors less vivid.

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