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Standard Pathway (Workplace-based Assessment)

Discussion in 'AMC' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 14, 2011.

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    The Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment) is intended for international medical graduates (IMGs) who are not eligible for the Competent Authority or Specialist Pathways who are seeking general registration in Australia and who have obtained the appropriate category of limited registration from the Medical Board of Australia to be employed in the approved clinical position for workplace-based assessment.

    The Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment) is currently being implemented. On the Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment) IMGs are required to undertake the AMC MCQ Examination and workplace-based assessment is an alternative to the AMC Clinical Examination. The Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment) will not replace the Standard Pathway (AMC Examination), but is an alternative, as it becomes available.

    No one form of assessment is able to test all the abilities required for safe and effective clinical practice. The Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment) uses a variety of rigorous and structured assessment methods. Workplace-based assessment tests performance in the actual environment of doctors' everyday clinical practice.

    Applicants for the Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment) must be working in a clinical position. They must have passed the AMC MCQ Examination and provided evidence of English Language Proficiency and Primary Source Verification.

    The Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment) is available only at sites accredited by the AMC for that purpose. To date the AMC has accredited four authorities to conduct the initial implementation of workplace-based assessment programs:

    • New South Wales: Hunter New England Area Health Service (HNEAHS) John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle.
    • Western Australia: Bunbury Hospital.
    • Victoria: Goulburn Valley Health and the Rural and Metropolitan United Alliance (ROMUA).
    • Tasmania: Launceston General Hospital (LGH).

      Source : International Medical Graduates Home


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