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Stress in Dentistry

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Sarah Hussien, Sep 22, 2019.

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    Stress in Dentistry and how to manage and relieve?!

    There's no doubt that, Dentistry is one of the most medical fields which brings too much stress to your life as a dentist. As a result, your health may be affected negatively.

    Signs telling you are suffering from too much stress.

    1- Persistent headache.

    2- Hand tremor.

    3- Neck and back ache.

    4- Lack of concentration.

    5- Repeated periods of depression and disappointment.

    6- Impaired sleeping times.

    Let's focus on some of the reasons why Dentistry is considered a stressful field:-

    1- Handling of the patient :

    In our daily practice, we meet many categories of patients but the most common thing between these categories is the feeling of fear and anxiety of what you are going to do.

    Handling the situation and desire to reduce patient's fears, brings too much stress to the dentist.

    2- Patient's reaction to the presented service:

    Some patients never appreciate the treatment presented to them and underestimate dentist's efforts.

    3- Perfection seekers are the most who suffer:

    Dentists, most probably, have a critical eye and focus on details. seeking continuously to provide perfect treatment with almost no mistakes and this brings too much stress to them.

    4- Money and career development:

    To be a clever and famous dentist and the only destination to a big category of patients, you have to spend too much money to improve your skills and to be updated all the time.

    5- Competition between each others:

    Nowadays, most of dentists compete each other and try to show and post their perfect cases on social media. Such competition brings feelings of disturbance and discomfort to most of them.

    6- Dull, unhealthy workplace:

    Workplace plays a major role in making the healthcare provider to feel stressed or relaxed while working. Dull, unhealthy clinics affect negatively the dentist's performance and increase stresses.

    Ideas which may help you to overcome stresses:-

    1- Try to reduce patient's appointments per day which will give you much more time and make you relaxed.

    2- Do your best at work but never burn out yourself.

    3- Admit that, there is no perfection on earth. So never seek to be perfect, everyone has mistakes.

    4- Never compare between your performance and the other's, everyone has his own way and circumstances.

    5- Pay attention to the clinic's decorations and ventilation, because this not only affect patients psychologically but also dental team.

    6- Never work more than 8 hours per day, make the residual time for yourself and your family.

    7- Practice any type of sport, it will help you more than you think to relieve stresses.
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