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Study : Foot Orgasm Syndrome Is A Real Condition

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jul 14, 2013.

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    Once in a while, you will hear about a weird condition. It may be a condition that will leave you wondering if it is a real one or a made up one. The newest condition this writer has heard about through various media sources such as CBS news is called foot orgasm syndrome. When she read its name she had to stop and wonder what this condition actually was.

    The condition was highlighted in many media outlets, after a woman in the Netherlands stated that she suffered from it. With a little research, one can easily see that the term is highlighted in "The Journal of Sexual Medicine". The term comes the case study of the woman who reports spontaneous orgasmic sensations in her left foot. She also states that these feelings are unwanted. They also come on between five and six times a day.

    These sensations begin in her left foot, travel up her left leg, and enter into her vagina. They are not brought on by sexual desire or sexual emotion.

    The woman was examined by both a neuropsychiatrist and a professor in sexual phsychopharmacology. They took a MRI of her brain and her foot. They found no abnormalities in the workings of either her brain or her foot. However, during another test they did notice a slight difference in the nerves of her left and right foot.

    The doctors treated the woman by injected her with an anesthetic. The injection was given into her spinal nerve that controls the sensory information from the foot. The injection stopped the foot orgasms completely. This injection was given eight months ago and the woman is happy to report that her left foot is still orgasm free. The doctors believe if the orgasms ever do reappear, another injection is the course of action to use.

    Why did the orgasms begin in the first place? The doctors believe they occurred because of some type of nerve signaling problem between her foot and her brain.

    Prior to this problem, the woman suffered from a sepsis infection. The infection occurred about a year and half before the foot orgasms began. The infection became so bad that she was hospitalized and even fell into a coma for three weeks. Upon awakening from the coma, her left foot suffered a lot of tingling and burning. This was an infection that some of the tiny nerve fibers in that foot may have suffered damage due to the sepsis infection.

    Researchers also know that the sensory signals from the foot enter the spinal cord at the same level as the sensory signals from the vagina does. This could be another reason why her body easily mixed up the two.

    For now, this is the only known case of foot orgasm, which is the actual medical term the doctors gave to this unusual condition. However, there could be more conditions out there and women are too embarrassed to talk to their doctors about it. Now they shouldn't be embarrassed since they now know it may be easily solved with a simple injection.



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