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Discussion in 'Pre Medical Student' started by doc renz, Feb 8, 2013.

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    How is/was your study habit while taking up medicine? Is/was it effective for you to survive the huge demand of the course? Keep sharing (-:

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    I can tell you a little about my way.
    First of all. I told myself before I started that everything else than school is not going to be contributing to my success. Especially the first 2-3 hard years of medical school. This first step is actually very hard to acknowledge. Then you need to remind yourself about that. Every single time you try to waste time on things like facebook, drinking or girls (in my case).

    I go to all lectures. And spend most of the day studying. Seriously. My social life is almost non existent. This was the first 3 years. Yes you meet people at school. But if you want good grades, this is the way to go.

    The only thing I do without studying is going to the gym to work out for one hour. Every day except Sunday.

    Repeat everything every day untill your Self control test or exam. You will know almost everything.

    I got straight top grades on all my exams the first 3 years. 90%+.
    Trust me. Knowing a lot after studying a lot is good feeling. You know the thing you spent time on is very important and actually means something in the future. You will not care about time spent on alcohol or parties when you have bad grades. :)

    This is my opinion. And my tip. I know it can sound hard. But the competition in medical school is tough. If you want to be better than the others. You have to (as phelps say) do stuff that the others are not willing to do. In terms of studying of course ;)

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