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Study Reveals How Gaming Could Evolve Our Hands And It Is Horrible

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, Apr 17, 2021.

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    Gaming has never been so popular, with more people than ever deciding to pick up a controller in their free time.


    With the growing popularity of esports, people are now even tuning in to watch other people gaming, and this only looks like it's going to become more commonplace.

    However, what could this completely new activity be doing to our bodies? After all, it's not like we were playing FIFA even 50 years ago, let alone thousands.

    Luckily for those wondering, casino reviewers (we're not sure why they've done it either) SlotsWise partnered with some experts to see what the results of trying to get to division one on Ultimate Team could be doing to the evolution of the human race.

    It's not pretty.

    According to their study, our hands could end up with horribly long index and middle fingers, squashed ring and little fingers, and very large thumbs.

    With evolution driven by random mutations that help some people have more kids and so eventually become the norm, the chances of this actually happening are pretty much zero as it definitely wouldn't help humans be more successful or have more children.

    However, it does show the stress we are putting our hands through when using controls, with our bodies not designed to be sitting and rapidly clicking buttons for hours at a time.

    Is there a better way to design controllers? Or is it too late and are we condemned to a future of damaged finger joints and carpal tunnel syndrome?


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