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Surgery Is a Radical Solution to Having Excessive Weight

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Apr 14, 2012.

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    Going under the knife is as graphic as it sounds. You are literally submitting yourself to some of the most intimate surgery in order to cut away the fat. I have seen television programs that make you squirm when you realize that someone is actually having a large amount of their own body being squeezed out of them. Normally this applies to people who have tried everything to no avail. Doctors may recommend that failure to undergo surgery could lead to death such that the patient has no alternative but to lose weight in this way. This article will look at some of the issues that surround this sometimes controversial issue.

    There are people who use cosmetic surgery as a means of losing weight. However these people will take it upon themselves to go to various consultants even without the advice or consent of their general practitioner. Sometimes they are not even particularly obese but they will want to alter certain parts of their bodies such as the stomach and thighs. For the cosmetic surgery is not a matter of life and death. However they just do it to obtain their dream body. Although many health care professionals object to this practice, the reality is that all of us have a right to spend our money the way we see fit. It is not is not up to the authorities to determine whether we can have cosmetic surgery unless it is a serious matter of public health policy.

    The group of glory hunter above should be distinguished from genuinely ill people who must have corrective surgery in order to remove some of the excess weight. The surgery will take a number of forms ranging from cutting away the fat to draining it to inserting a gastric band which suppresses the appetite. Many of these people will have already been traumatized by a relatively large number of alternative solutions that have all largely ended in failure. They will naturally be apprehensive about going under the knife given the risks involved. Many people have gone into surgery to be saved but ended up dead because of complications that arose during the process.

    The health risks associated with surgery can be dire. The first risk is the recovery process which is a slow and painful journey which will take its toll on the patient. They might have to be out of work for a considerable time. The expenses involved in the surgery might mean that this absence is a serious hindrance to their financial stability. They may suffer from specific side effects on both the short term and the long term basis. For instance they could have permanent scars as a result of the intrusive surgery. If they are unable to cope with the sleeping pills, they may develop psychological problems. Even with the weight loss, they may have to drastically change their lifestyles in order to make the surgery effect. They may also not fully enjoy their new body type which can appear to be alien to their existence.

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    surgery is final solution to overcome excess weight this type of surgery is known as bariartric surgery

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