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The Attitude Of Doctors When They Become Patients

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by CristhiVergara, Aug 30, 2019.

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    It is strange for a doctor to sometimes adopt the role of patient, the custom is to be the one who takes the reins of the health of another. Therefore, the doctor's behavior in a disease condition becomes totally different and very contradictory to what he recommended to his patients throughout his academic training and professional performance.

    Their attitude could be defined as a state of rebellion and constant denial, they generally do not see the magnitude of their health problem and tend to ignore it and make it small. In his mind it happens as a diagnostic error of a colleague or health team who does not give the importance it deserves.

    Rarely, doctors ventilate or reveal your problem, it tends to hide it from family members, closest friends and even your partner.

    It is incredible how a doctor with all his dedication and scientific knowledge can carry out clinical and laboratory studies, to arrive at diagnoses and successful therapies, to improve and extend the quality of life of his patients, but they cannot support the idea of dealing with your own body's response to disease situations.

    Mostly the doctor's illness is a consequence of continuous exposure to stressful environments, causing imbalances in the physiology of the organism due to their own attitudes in their daily lives as a medical professional.

    In general, the doctor since being trained adopts unhealthy behaviors such as: eating after hours, eating an unhealthy diet, not sleeping for a minimum of 6-8 hours, lack of recreation, social isolation, sedentary lifestyle.

    All this is because the medical student must spend most of the hours of the day reading to be filled with knowledge to be able to meet the needs and requirements of their patients.

    Their schedules are very demanding and over the years, exhaustion beats the motivation to get home to prepare a delicious and healthy meal. Instead, the exhausted doctor wants to jump into bed and take a long and good rest.

    The relationship with their relatives declines if they are not able to understand how absorbent it becomes to become a doctor and their faculty friends actually become a true family for such an exhausting routine.

    The health problem of doctors can become mental and / or addictive, and it usually causes them shame about the relationship between their diagnosis and their profession. Therefore, they hide it and continue to exercise without realizing that in many occasions they can put their patients' health at risk, by making a diagnosis that generates an inappropriate practice.

    The doctor's life is complicated, however the vocation allows the individual to put in a balance the positive and negative points of such an important decision. In most cases, the weight of satisfactions when performing a humanistic and social work exceeds the weight of the difficulties that may be involved in all areas of your life being a doctor by profession.


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