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The Best Medical Books That Tell The Lives Of Doctors

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Doaa samir, Sep 5, 2019.

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    If you are currently a student or a junior doctor, you need to read medical books that discuss the psychological and moral aspects of the life of the doctor, and the hardships and troubles that this profession requires, and about the adventures of your predecessors in the same field or specialty.
    In this article we put in your hands some medical books written by doctors or medical students and speaks extensively about the psychological aspect of the doctor is not scientific books, and does not contain scientific or medical information .. It contains the experiences and adventures of former doctors.

    1- Everything I learned in Medical School

    Dr. Sujay Kansagra speaks in this book about everything he learned during his medical studies, from assisting in the birth of a pregnant woman, the difficulty of sleeping during a shift, the delivery of bad news to patients and their families as well as seeing death! The doctor talks about his journey in medical school and the difficult and memorable moments in the memory of every medical student.

    2- In sutures: highs and lows in life as a doctor
    Dr. Nick Edwards writes clearly about the life of the doctor. It also reveals the level of bad alcohol related injuries. It shows how difficult it is to take care of people attending the hospital door. But he also shares the funny side like unusual incidents that lead to the introduction of strange things in places that were supposed to end up, and so on.

    3- Trust me, I'm a doctor (newbie)
    This book paints a moving and funny journey for Max Pemberton as Max progresses from young idealism to outright confusion, realizing how little his job is about "saving people" and how long it will take to learn more and more that some have not disclosed, and how he will know if a patient is dead or not.

    4- the story of San Michele by Axel Monti
    Amid his professional memories of epidemics of cholera, euthanasia, mental illness and childbirth about a century ago, we hear about his personal interaction with Charcot, Pasteur and other medical personalities with whom he worked. He was an animal lover, his dog stories and his exotic pet baboon, and Billy and his home in Capri (San Michele - you can still visit them today) are as entertaining as the stories of his patients, many of whom seemed to be physically symptomatic of anxiety. Some of his views are politically incorrect at present but they are a wonderful reading.

    5- Why Medicine?
    The book talks about the personal interview to enter the Faculty Of Medicine, where in some universities it is the only difference for admission, the book contains tips for each medical student to help him to pass the interview, as well as nearly 500 questions in the interview. The book helps you prepare for all questions.

    If you are a doctor who loves to read you should turn to those books that tell the lives of doctors to open your brain to this life you will live daily, so that you are more aware and gain experience of the former.

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