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The Hardest Decision For A Doctor

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 10, 2017.

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    It is never an easy part of life to take a decision, even taking simple decisions may change your life, a player who is taking a decision to kick the ball may change the mood of millions of his fans, doctors are people who are taking decisions all the time, surgeons have to take some decisions in less than a second, also emergency medicine physicians need to take some decisions in a second and also they may be treating more than 5-6 patients at the same time and they have to take decisions for all of them in the same time, one of the hardest decisions for doctors or medical students is choosing their medical specialty cause It is mostly a one way route, once you started a specialty it will be very hard for you to change it because it is a career defining decision, it is not only a decision that will define your career but your entire life as medicine is part of doctors relationship with other people in their life.

    If you are a medical student, before taking this decision you need to read about all specialties: quality and quantity of the work, number of working hours, relation with the patients, on calls, emergency situations, lifestyle, salary ...etc.

    One of the tools that can be used before taking this decision is the medical specialty quiz tool that has been announced by us, so if you are hesitating you may take this simple quiz and it may help you.

    Another advice, ask your older friends who are doctors, they will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the specialty they are working in and this can be very helpful for you.

    My last advice is try to take some observerships in the specialty or specialties that you are thinking about, living the specialty even for few days can guide you better than anything else.

    Finally what I can say for you is good luck, it is a hard decision but at point of time you will feel relaxed when you decide it.


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