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The Samsung U-Cast Device Fits Snugly Like a Blood Pressure Machine

Discussion in 'Orthopedics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Chances are, if you're still in high school, getting people to sign autographs on your cast is probably the best thing about breaking a bone. But for those who have graduated that phase, healing your bone as quickly as possible becomes the next immediate consideration. Enter the Samsung U-Cast, designed to heal bones quicker using U-vibrations, or Ultrasonography technology.

    The high tech-looking device that looks to have come straight from an Iron Man movie, fits around the arm and casts itself according to the user's arm size and proportion like a blood pressure device. Once fitted, the device sends tiny vibrations in order to heal the bone faster than a conventional cast. The U-Cast is also lighter for added comfort, and only requires to be charged. The U-Cast also displays the percentage of fitting balance, depending on the bone's "cracked conditions."


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