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The Top Qualities Of Attractive People

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr. Emecheta C., Aug 17, 2019.

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    When we see or hear the word "attractive", what usually comes to mind is physical appeal in terms of physical attributes like facial beauty, height, body shape, complexion etc.


    But more often than not, while physical beauty may play a role in initial attraction, it is often inadequate when it comes to maintaining lasting and meaningful relationships with people.
    Instead, the personal traits and qualities that we possess which have nothing to do with physical beauty are what would keep and cement that attraction.

    So what are some of these qualities that people find irresistible?

    1- You are a good listener
    This is one of the most attractive qualities one could possess.
    Everyday people are faced with challenges which sometimes wear them out.
    They want to be able to talk about it, share their worries and lighten the weight they carry.
    Someone who hardly pays attention to anything but their own voice is a big turn off for many people.

    2- A good sense of humour
    This is also one of the most endearing traits of a person.
    If you find that people around you are always laughing at your jokes or even regular talks and actions, that's a big plus. Having a good sense of humour goes beyond making people laugh however.

    It also means appreciating the humour in everyday life activities and in other people's words and actions, even when they are directed at you.

    Ever tried very hard and repeatedly to explain the joke to someone and they still don't get it?
    It's exhausting and saps all the fun from it.

    3- Flexible/Open-minded
    Do you know a person who is friends with the most unlikely and varied kinds of people?
    You can't be that person if you are close-minded and stuck in your ways.
    People subconsciously drift towards you when they are assured of acceptance and no judgement from you.

    The ability to entertain different schools of thought and ideologies without it necessarily affecting yours is one of the qualities people find attractive.

    In simple terms, it is the ability to be tolerant and accommodating of people from different backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life.

    4- Optimistic/Enthusiastic
    You know that person who is always complaining about stuff?

    Nothing ever goes right and everything is expected to go wrong from their point of view?

    Nobody wants to be close to such a person. It can be draining.

    Being upbeat and hopeful about events, prospects, and life in general is a winning trait.

    People who are optimistic about life tend to be happier, less stressed, more open to new opportunities, and are more likely to succeed in their ventures.

    And because people are attracted to qualities in other people that they themselves either have or aspire to have, this definitely draws them to you.

    5- Self-deprecation
    Is this surprising? Well it shouldn't be.

    Let's consider the opposite.

    How do you like people who are egotistical, smug, and full of themselves? Off-putting right?
    Believe it or not, people love it when people are able to laugh at their own shortcomings and misfortunes.

    It humanizes than and makes them more relatable. Who is perfect after all ?

    It takes a healthy dose of self-esteem to be able to do this, and while there may be a thin line between healthy self-deprecation and self ridicule, as long as it's not an attempt to hide any insecurities, self-deprecation has been shown by psychology researchers to have health improvement benefits.

    6- Self-awareness and reflection
    If you are able to consciously and objectively evaluate your actions and behaviour, it greatly improves the quality of your relationships.

    You are more likely to see where you have gone wrong, apologize and make conscious effort to avoid reocurrence.

    You are more emotionally intelligent and empathetic to others, as opposed to immature and insecure people who would rather blame others for their behaviour and actions.
    People love it when you can take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

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