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These Are The 4 Most Curious Specialties Of Medicine

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Helcio Ferreira, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Medicine itself is complex and requires not only practical and theoretical knowledge but determination and assertiveness, when you are close to the degree as a doctor, the great doubt for many, is the next step, what is the most convenient specialty? , because this is quite diverse, if you take into account that the skills and tastes vary greatly from person to person. If you are one of those who appreciate the challenges, the risks and of course the recognition, these specialties are for you.

    There are many medical specialties little known, at present, there are up to more than 50 specialties that are responsible for the care and management of systems or organs, so many are very precise.

    The following list contains specialties that you may know, the truth is that so little recognized, they are very important and in many there is a deficit of specialists.

    Nuclear medicine

    This specialty focuses on the treatment through radioactive drugs for disease management, but not only that, but seeks to expand diagnostic imaging methods through a broader knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and reaction of the body to the materials nuclear.

    Nuclear medicine is indispensable for the management of patients with neoplasms or other diseases that merit nuclear treatment, since it allows an individualization of the treatment, increasing the success rate of this, so it works together with oncology in its different branches, the radiologists, internists, surgeons, among others.

    Rare diseases

    It does not correspond to a specialty as such, but, although it is not officially recognized, at the practice level yes, a doctor with knowledge in rare diseases is that doctor specializing in internal medicine who has a deep and deep knowledge about one or more pathologies Little known, this is achieved through research, testing and comparison of these diseases from their discovery to the present.

    Currently, many international medical laws have recognized the importance of the recognition of this specialty, because it is an area of medicine that requires trained personnel to respond to patients. Although there are no doctors qualified as specialists in rare diseases for now, if there are medical centers dedicated to the care of this type of diseases, where there are doctors who have dedicated themselves to study them and seek a cure.

    If you are passionate about research, internal medicine and its rare diseases section may be your home.


    Perhaps it is one of the least known medical specialties, but psychoneuroimmunology has always been there giving great contributions to science. This specialty is responsible for studying the interaction of the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system, all in the same context.

    The curious thing about this medical specialty is that it includes an impressive amount of medical specialties in addition to those named in its name, such as: molecular biology, rheumatology, pharmacology, infectiology, physiology and neuroscience.

    There are few specialists in this area in the world, but it is certainly one of the most curious specialties.

    Aerospace medicine

    This area of medicine stands out for the study of diseases and risks related to the practice of activities such as scuba diving, aviation and even space travel.

    It turns out that they are conditions in which man is exposed to unusual agents, so that diseases go beyond those commonly known, in addition to being jobs that require certain physical abilities and conditions that allow the person to perform properly in it.

    Aerospace medicine acts preventively to avoid the pathological processes, more common in these people, such as hypoxia, baro trauma, motion sickness, among other clinical conditions.


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