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Toothache Can Really Infectious to Others?

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Medicopk, Jan 12, 2013.

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    A study conducted shows that a toothache can indeed spread. During this candy and sweet foods are often blamed as the culprit causing the hole in the tooth, but the actual cavities (caries) is caused by bacteria attached to the teeth and particles that come from food. The bacteria convert sugar and carbohydrates you eat into acid. Bacteria and acid deposition become sticky, called tooth plaque.

    Like the flu viruses that may infect other people, as well as with the bacteria that cause dental caries. One of these is Streptococcus mutants. Toddlers and children are the most vulnerable of contracting.

    Research shows children are often infected with mutant bacteria Streotococcus it from parents or caregivers, such as food tasting children to know whether too hot or not. Transmission of the bacteria are also often occur in pairs.

    “There is a case of 40-year-old patient who previously never had a hole in the tooth two teeth suddenly began to suffer from cavities and gingivitis. It turned out that after investigation the woman is dating a new guy gingivitis pain and have for years had not been to the doctor, “Dr.Margaret said Mitchell, a dentist in Chicago.

    To reduce the risk of cavities, she recommends to clean your teeth regularly. The habit of chewing sugarless gum are also encouraged to increase production of saliva so that the formation of plaque and bacteria can be inhibited.

    Source: Toothache Can Really Infectious to Others?

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