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Top 10 Ways to Please your Girl

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jul 19, 2012.

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    10. Keep Your Clothes Nice

    Most men have work clothes and nice clothes, do us women a favor, and keep them separated. Wear your work clothes to work, and just leave the nice ones alone until we ask you to put them on. We know you have big hearts, and you only want to help, but when you see someone broke down on the side of the road, and there are three other people there helping that person, and we're on our way to dinner, just drive by them.

    9. Do The Dishes

    We know you work hard, and we appreciate it, but we also work hard. Every once in a while, just do the dishes. It's a fairly simple chore really, and it won't kill you. I promise you won't melt. Helping out with the little things like this really mean a lot to a woman. If you can do this small task for her, you might be happily surprised by what she will do for you.

    8. Take Her Out To Eat

    If you can't handle doing the dishes, skip that chore altogether for the day, and take her out to dinner. There's nothing like having someone wait on you hand and foot for a change. No preparing dinner, no sitting down to eat after everyone else is almost done, no clean up afterwards. She will have so much more energy from skipping the long nighttime routine of cooking and cleaning, there's no telling what she might have energy for later.

    7. FYI: Women Don't Always Like to Cuddle After Sex

    All women are different, so I can't speak for them all here, but we don't all always like to cuddle after sex. Sometimes, when it's over, leave it at that and let it be over. Stretch out on your side of the bed, and let her stretch out on her side.

    6. Flirt

    Women have a lot of fun with flirting. Let her catch you watching her reading a book. Put your hand on her leg when you're talking to her. Move her hair out of her face. Hold her hand. Sit her down on your lap. Flirting with each other can keep a relationship young, fresh, and alive.

    5. Play

    You're never to old to play. Tickle her. Tease her. Make up silly songs about her. Wrestle with her. Play like you did when you first got together, never let those feelings die. Make her laugh and you will have her heart.

    4. Tell Her She's Sexy

    Every woman wants to hear she's sexy. Just don't tell her every five seconds. Sometimes, complimenting someone too much can backfire and they won't believe you mean it at all. Tell her at least once a week and she might just show you how sexy she can be.

    3. Tell Her Thank You

    Don't forget to let her know how much you appreciate all the little things she does for you. And the big things. A simple thank you is all it takes sometimes to really let a woman know you are grateful. It will make her feel needed and that she is a very important part of making the family stick together.

    2. Whisper in Her Ear, While She's Doing the Dishes

    Maybe this one's just me, but I love this one. Get up behind her, pressing your body slightly against hers, lean slowly forward, move her hair, and whisper sweet-nothings into her ear. Heck, whisper the football scores, it doesn't matter. This one is a good one. Or you could always just go for the neck rub, my moneys on the first one though.

    1. Sex

    Yes, this is number one on my list for the women too. Sex is a very important part in every relationship. Listen to what she wants, and if she doesn't speak up don't be afraid to ask her what she wants. Surprise her with a nighty that's not too sweet and not too naughty. Try putting on a uniform or any kind, most women melt at the sight of a man in uniform.

    This list of ten ideas is just a very small smidgen of some things you can do to please a woman. Remember, every woman is different, so what works for some, doesn't always work for all. Trying is what really counts. Good luck and have fun!

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