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Top 3 Reasons To Become A Gynecologist

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by happygyn, Sep 5, 2019.

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    So are you contemplaiting what your true calling in life is? Unsure either to pick internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics? Want to pick all of them? Then you are probably contemplating of becoming an ObGyn.

    Reason 1: You want to get to know the patient and accompany them through a life-span
    Being a gynecologist often means to not just meet the patient once. Many times you will accompany the patient not only through first check ups and pregnancy but also through menopause and all the changes inbetween.

    Reason 2: Emergency medicine in obstetrics
    You seek the thrill of ER medicine? The ER junkie in you will be thrilled, that any time you will step into the labour wards is a day you will be able to exprience emergency medicine. However the twist is that not only that you get to care just for one patient as in the emergency department, but will get to care for two or three patients at once. ObGyn is not for the faint heartet or for the individual who wants to contemplate decisions. You have to make a decision and stand by it, sometimes in seconds.

    Reason 3: Use your hands to heal
    Not only that you get to be a continuum in your patients life, help them in critical moments, but you can also help through the use of your hands. ObGyn is alluring since an important component of ObGyn is surgery. May it be cancerous lesions, benign vaginal prolaps or enhancing reproductive abilities of the patients. Using your hands to help your patients is again a benefit that not many other residencies enable.

    If you want it all in medicine, ObGyn is the right profession for you!

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