Top 5 Reasons Why Medical Students Should Prepare Early

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    If you asked doctors who have been practicing medicine for 30 or more years, they would advise you to get all the preparation you can get to pass the USMLE. Thirty years ago, the same specialist doctors did not have access to institutions, reviews, and communities that provide USMLE prep courses.

    Here are a the Top 5 Reasons you should prepare for USMLE early.

    1. The United States is one of the main producers of reputable doctors and specialists in the world. Many foreign students and practicing physicians come and apply to be accepted at various medical schools in the U.S. In fact, this country receives twice the number of foreign student applications yearly than any other country in the world. Thus your USMLE scores are very important. When looking for a residency, you will be competing against both foreign and domestic medical graduates.

    2. Requirements for admission into any US medical school, whether State colleges or private schools are tough enough. There's the undergraduate academic record, scores on the MCAT, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, personal qualities and commitment to medicine, which are all submitted and evaluated months before one finally receives a letter notifying acceptance to the school.

    3. The amount you or your parents expended for your medical education is not an amount you can easily come by. The average cost of studying medicine according to a survey conducted between 2008-2009 by the American Association of Medical Colleges were astounding. Residents studying at state medical schools pays as much as $23,581 while non-state residents were charged as high as $43,587. Private schools have a much higher rate.

    4. Not passing the USMLE licensing exam on the first try would mean spending EVEN MORE TIME and EVEN MORE MONEY in preparation and a second USMLE examination.

    5. Finally, though most of your family members would understand the reasons for your failing the USMLE, it would leave you feeling bad, especially when your classmates have passed and moved on to their respective residency for their chosen field of specialization.

    All the hard work, time and money spent in medical school will all go to waste if you do not pass the USMLE. It is a well-known fact that before you can practice medicine in the United States, you must pass this licensing examination. In some cases, your USMLE scores determine your residency match. Without adequate preparation, you cannot fully assure yourself of getting a desirable score and stand a chance on the highly competitive residency applications. So start USMLE preparation early.

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