Top Skills for Highly Efficient Medical Doctors

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    1. Leadership

    You need to know how to lead the team. Medical doctors are usually expected to lead the health team in the hospital or any other health institution. Leadership skills is crucial in identifying who to do what and how to divide the work load among the team and to solve problems.

    2. Time management

    The medical practice is very sensitive, so you need to manage your time well and the rest of the team as well, especially in the emergency setting or in case or crisis. The work flow has to go as planned.

    3. People’s Management (Human Resources Management)

    You need to deal with a team of people from different backgrounds and a variety of personalities. It is crucial to know how to deal with every individual fairly and to manage their work. It is important as well to know how to motivate people around you and solve conflicts. Another aspect is to know basic information about labour law and employees rights as well.

    4. Delegation

    You can’t do it all by yourself. That’s why it is team work! You need to know how to handle different tasks to the right persons for more efficiency.

    5. Coordination and over seeing

    You need to coordinate the work and to make sure everything goes smooth and to see the big picture. A wholistic view is very important to do the work the right way on the long run. Don’t let every day details make you forget about the long-term plans.

    6. Decision making

    You need to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. At some times you need to make very important decisions that need to be wise, and you need to take full responsibility over what you have decided.


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