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Top Summer/Autumn Reads For Medical Doctors

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by happygyn, Sep 5, 2019.

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    Want to let loose of all the medical lingo or see the bright side of the medical profession after a long hard work week? Take a look at these wonderful reads:

    Paul Kalanithi - When breath becomes air


    The mindful journey of a neurosurgery resident in facing his own mortality. Just as any residency, this book is a mix of how the medical profession mixes with personal challenges, illness and the making of a physician. This is a book to better understand your own choices and the transitions from a medical student to a doctor.

    Adam Kay: This is going to hurt


    Focusing on the most formative time of your life, when you are a junior doctor (or as the states would call it: a resident) one must explore this pearl! The book is full of anecdotes that make you think of your own healthcare system and give you comfort in the notion that your are not alone in this mess called growing up to be an attending.

    Carol Dweck: Mindset


    This book might not be considered to be a classical medical student read, but it is in essence the best book a young medic can read. It tells you from the psychology point of view the components of success and how your thoughts on life and especially work, how you approach challenges matter.

    Dear residents make your break (may it be a week, a day or a calm night shift) matter with a good book, just for you!

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