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Top Ten Famous People With Disabilities In The World

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lets Enjoy Medicine, Jun 17, 2021.

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    Approximately 180 or between 220 million young people are with disabilities. In developing countries 80 percent of young people are facing disabilities from physical point of view and they have less access to social relations, education and technical education and they need a medium to promote themselves and they even need an instrument to move from one place to other if they are handicapped and they need a device to resolve their hearing issue if they are deaf and they need awareness to communicate if they are blind and they need trainings related to signs if they are dumb, this means their life is very much difficult as compared to normal people and still there are numerous people who came with flying colors in every field of life and they were disable.
    An impairment that may be intellectual, sensory, mental, cognitive, physical and developmental is known as disability. This impairment can occur from the birth time or during lifetime and affect a person’s life to such an extent that he face a time period of loneliness and distress but some people change this time phase of distress and miseries into success and in this article I am going to write about top ten famous people with disabilities in the world and these people have really made their worth in this world in spite of disabilities. They have shown to the world that being disable is not different, if you want to do anything you can do impossible things and list of top ten famous people with disabilities in the world are as follows.

    1. Hellen Keller

    First person who is entitled with bachelors degree of Arts and this all happened because of her teacher Anne Sullivan who dragged her out from the dark clouds of isolation and she blossomed the girl that she learned to communicate with others despite of the fact that she was deaf and blind. Hellen learned to write and understand meanings when her teacher gave her present of doll and wrote doll on her hand and make her feel spellings of dolls so this was the strategy by which this girl learned so much things and became graduate in degree of Arts. She became political activist, lecturer and author and was one of the famous personalities of her time in America.

    2. Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking is victim of Motor Neuron disease but still his work in physical studies is famous from the span of last 40 years. His disease which is shortly known as ALS and symptoms of this disease firstly appeared when he was in Cambridge and in age of 21 this disease was completely diagnosed shortly right before his marriage. Doctors gave their point of view that he is going to live for the next two or three years but it’s a miracle that he is still alive and is doing innovations in scientific field but it is sad to tell that in 2009 he completely lost his balance and now he cannot move his arms, legs and hands and is completely paralyzed but his intellectual skills are still active and he also sometimes give lectures at universities and is a candle light for those people who lose hope.

    3. Jean-Dominique Bauby

    Jean was victim of locked-in syndrome but still with his disability he wrote astonishing things and is known as an editor of French magazine which is a fashion magazine and not only this he was also a journalist and a well-known author. In 1995 he got heart attack and faced the phase of comma for 20 days which led to paralyze his legs and hands for forever but his mind was working properly. He faced rare neurological disorder and he was only able to move his left eyelid and with all this miserable condition he did not lose hope and wrote two books and is really one of top ten famous people with disabilities in the world.

    4. John Nash

    John Nash has done ground breaking work in field of mathematics and was noble Laureate and he had done remarkable work related to game theory. From his young age he was interested in scientific experiments and he also did research work in scientific field in his home. But In 1959 signs of paranoid schizophrenia were seen in him and he faced time period of erratic behavior. John has faced nine years of shock therapy and in 1970 he started recovering somehow and his old work which he did was started getting nomination for Oscars, such as Von Neumann theory and he won many awards. He was also awarded with Academy award of ‘A beautiful mind’.

    5. Christy Brown

    With severecerebral palsy Christy is one of the famous poet painter and IRISH author. In his childhood he was not only physically disable but also doctors declared that he is also not well from intellectual point of view but because of the efforts of her mother this person proved himself one of the famous people with disabilities in the world. From birth to five years he was only able to move his left toe and he is also famous for writing his autobiography which he named as my left foot.

    6. Frida Kahlo

    Victim of Spina bifida and polio Farida is one of the first painters whose paintings were purchased by international museum. Because of polio her right leg looked thinner than the left and unique thing about her paintings were that she portrayed herself in paintings and depicted pain, sorrow and sufferings in her paintings. She because of Spina bifida has faced distress and so much pain that she visited hospital for releasement of her pain and admitted in hospital for bed ridden most of the time but still she painted and is one the famous people with disabilities in the world.

    7. Ludwig van Beethoven

    Beethoven is one of the great composers of the world and at age of just 8 years he performed in public as a pianist. He was taught by guidance of Mozart and studied in Vienna. Because of his incredible improvisionments and symphonies he is the famous music composer. In 1796 he became deaf as he lost his hearing ability but despite of all this made innovations in field of composing music.

    8. Vincent Van Gogh

    He is a famous Dutch Painter but he was victim of mental illness, but despite of all this in painting time period of 10 years he made 900 paintings and not only in 19th century his paintings are still one of the most expensive paintings in the world.

    9. Marla Runyan

    Stargardt’s Disease made her blind legally, in women’s 5000 meter race she isnational Champion three times. She was also entitled with four gold medals. With blindness she won medals this is really amazing and she is one of the top ten most famous people with disabilities in the world.

    10. Sudha Chandran

    She was victim of Amputee and despite of this disability she is one of the famous dancers of subcontinent in India. She got this disability in an accident when she was traveling from Mumbai to Chennai. She is moving with an artificial leg but still she is an awesome dancer and is awarded many times and not only in India she is invited by many countries to perform and this thing is really very impressive.

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