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Triangle Face Shape

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reham Zenhom, Nov 30, 2019.

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    Face shapes aren't always permanent as they change as we lose or gain weight, shapes of cheekbones and jawline differ especially when adding weight pads to them. Also when face starts to drop due to aging it becomes difficult to determine the original face structure. Choose the style that suits your status, your facial features, personality and age. Never be afraid of experimenting new styles.

    Is triangle face considered an attractive face shape?

    The shape is upside down triangle, it is called inverted triangle. The length of the face plays no role and isn’t significant as the ratio here is between forehead, cheekbones and jawline. They have no widow’s peak so bangs are easily to be tamed and controlled to give the illusion of a more oval shape with a more define jawline.

    How will you know that you have a triangle face shape?

    • Inverted triangle face shapes look like heart shaped faces but without widow’s peak. The hairline is straight or rounded.

    • Narrow forehead but wider than jawline.

    • Narrow jawline with pointy chin.

    What celebrities have a triangle face shape?

    Female Celebrities with triangle face shape:
    • Chloe Moretz - Scarlett Johansson.

    • Jennifer Love Hewitt - Reese Witherspoon.

    • Jessica Szohr - Rashida Jones.

    • Brooklyn Decker - Carey Mulligan.

    Male celebrities with triangle shaped face:
    • Jon Hamm - Rob Lowe

    • Zac Efron -Ryan Reynolds.
    What hairstyles are best for triangle faces?

    Best hairstyles for female triangle faces:

    Bangs are ideal for inverted triangle faces, it’s like they are a match made in heaven. Bangs are the perfect solution to cover the forehead so the face can look a little bit more oval, they also draw attention to the eyes and create an illusion of a wider jawline.

    • Long or choppy side swept bangs.

    • Center parted bangs.

    • Short haircut with short textured bangs.

    • Curtain bangs.
    Best hairstyles for male triangle faces:

    You need more hair on top and sides to balance the pointy chin.

    More texture, length and volume on top.
    • Swept back hairstyle.

    • Pompadour hairstyle.

    • Fringe hairstyle.

    Best makeup for triangle face:

    • Apply Lighter foundation to the forehead area.

    • Rich eyeliner applied to the bottom of the eye from the side of the nose till reach and become richer at the other end of the eye.

    • Bronzing powder darker than foundation over the entire jawline to make it look thinner.

    • Medium lipstick to the lips
    What frame Shape is best for triangle faces?

    Accessorizing with glasses is so much fun, you just have to choose the right style that can flatter your face shape. Your glasses has to be trendy and expresses your personality.
    Triangle faces can wear a variety of styles when it comes to eyeglasses.
    • Round frames for a softer look.

    • Angular frames (brow-lines or wayfarers) to define the features of the face more.
    Best earrings for triangle faces:

    Many factors affect the choice of your accessories in particularly earrings; such as face shape, lifestyle, individual style, occasions, bone structure whether small, medium or large bone structure, skin color and the season.

    Teardrops or chandelier earrings do magic to inverted triangle faces as they create an illusion of wider chin and jawline.

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